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NAME: Frederick "Freddie" Spencer


PERSONALITY: Freddie has been and will always be a nerd. Intelligent but vastly naïve, he has a great passion for electronics and video games. While he might be somewhat socially handicapped, his bravery and wits on the Battleground are unparalleled. He tends to be gutsy, but only because he is confident in his knowledge and abilities.

APPEARANCE: Despite being a dweeb, some might consider Freddie handsome. He has developed an athletic body through his beta testing of GLADIATOR, and lies on the border between tall and average. His auburn hair is no longer than his ears, and his hazel eyes are bright with intelligence.

HISTORY: Freddie had been a fan of GLADIATOR since he was a young boy. He was one of the many disappointed fans who were dismayed to hear SUMMIT go under initially. Still, SUMMIT had sparked an interest in video games and electronics within him, and he continued playing and learning. Training Pokémon never interested him much, though he became close to his Shinx. Instead of going on a Journey, he completed high school and was ready to enter college when he heard of an internship with a software company.

Things were hush-hush at first, but Freddie eventually learned that the internship was with none other than SUMMIT. He was blown away by their apparent comeback, but equally thrilled to have them return. He did all he could to get in on the internship. The young man was overjoyed when he was finally accepted. He was required to stay confidential about the things he did for his internship, which was much more difficult than he thought. Still, he had the opportunity to beta-test the games before the launch was decided.

Freddie was selected from the small group of interns to act as a guide for the pre-release broadcast. He will be responsible for leading the players through their first play-through of GLADIATOR, explaining how the game functions and helping them should they ever get stuck. He is absolutely ecstatic about the prospect, and looks forward to meeting the lucky contest winners.


ABILITIES: Freddie’s Battle Armor is updated with two rods that produce electricity. He wields these as weapons against enemies. Also, Freddie’s helmet allows him to see in the dark and through obstacles.


NAME: Malcolm Kalsow





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