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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 4- Helping Hand [Part 2]

Back in the entry of the psychic gym, the two young women were face to face with a uniformed man who was very large in height and had a huge grin stretched across his face, showing off his white teeth. Once both of Scarlett's feet was off of the platform, sparks of electricity filled the glass tile, causing its light to intensify and eventually it was completely destroyed, not being able to handle such a high voltage. The teal lights that used to lead to the platform slowly faded away as well.

"You guys are very lucky." The man said as he took off his sunglasses. Scarlett's eyes narrowed as she put the pieces together.

"You tried trapping us in there?" She yelled, knowing that there would be no way out without the platforms.

"Sabrina; you have been ignoring everyone's calls and pleas. I'm sure you do not want to lose your pokemon and your gym. You need to come with me." The man said completely ignoring Scarlett's presence.

"I will not. Your intentions may seem good for some people, Surge, but I feel as if they will result in something horrible." Sabrina stated, still sounding really calm.

Three more men entered the building, all with uniforms as well, then stood in a line behind the man called Surge, their eyes being shielded by their hats. "The country calls for all gym leaders to help this region for the sake of the citizens. I am a lieutenant of this region so you better respect me. I am the law. You're coming with me." Surge said, still smiling while taking out a pokeball.

Scarlett was completely confused by his words, but she figured that Sabrina had done a crime, so perhaps it would be best if she just left. The gray-haired girl pulled a pokeball out of her purple bag, her lips forming a smile as the white light flew out the ball, materializing a two legged figure with a white face and a teal colored head crest, its red eyes shining with bravery. Red horn like protrusions stuck out of its back and chest, blades extending from its elbows, and its torso was thin and colored in a balance of green and white. The newly released pokemon punched through the air a few times before slightly kneeling down, resting its knee on the ground, waiting for its trainers orders.

Scarlett did not know who she should fight along side, or if she should even interfere at all. She would leave, but the exit was being blocked by the other three men and they did not look too friendly. Lt. Surge released his Raichu from its pokeball and crossed his arms proudly as another one of the other uniformed person released a creature of his own. A Crobat. This creature had a purple body with four wings that had greenish-blue undersides sprouting from its back.

"Last chance, Sabrina. Come with us and then there will be no problems."

Sabrina closed her eyes as she smiled once more, looking back up at the blonde lieutenant, "I'm afraid that we are going to have problems then. Gallade, Stone Edge." She said softly.

Her Pokemon's eyes glowed as it slammed its hands on the ground, filling the ground with its power, the others feeling rumbling from underneath their feet. Sharp rocks then shot up from the ground, leaving small holes in the tiles below, and flew directly at the uniformed men's Raichu and Crobat, then instantly making contact.

"Get up! Focus Punch" Surge yelled at his electric mouse.

Once Raichu recovered, its paw lit up as it ran towards the Gallade, growling lowly as it charged up its punch.

"Dodge it, then use Psycho Cut on the Crobat." the psychic woman calmly stated.

Using its brilliant acrobatics, the psychic fighter easily dodged the Raichu's punch, then once in the air, its eyes began to glow a pinkish color as it waved its arms in the air rapidly in a manner that is reminiscent of "Tai-chi." Blades of energy formed around the Gallade, then fired at the purple bat pokemon.

"Quick Attack, then Wing Attack!" The owner of the Crobat finally shouted, the voice revealing that this uniformed person was a female. Using Quick Attack, the bat was able to dodge the psychic attack, and as it darted by, its wings gained a white aura, lighting up the room ever so slightly. Its powered up wings hit the Gallade; two wings hitting its stomach and the other two hitting its head, causing Sabrina's Pokemon to cry out and hit the floor.

"Use Thunder Wave, Raichu!" Three rings of electricity floated over to the stunned Gallade, lighting up its body once they made contact. Sparks covered the psychic type's body as it tried to stand up, but it appeared to move slower than it was before.

"Use Psycho Cut again!" Sabrina yelled at her pokemon while stepping an inch closer to it.

"Signal Beam!" Lt. Surge shouted to his companion; confidence filled his voice. Due to the effects of the Thunder Wave, the Gallade's movements were much too slow to summon up the attack before the Raichu's beam of light completely knocked it off its feet. Attempting to recover, Sabrina's pokemon struggled to get to its feet. Whimpers could be heard from its trembling mouth. The psychic girl knew that the Gallade was not going to stand a chance against Surge's pokemon or even the Crobat, so she lifted its pokeball, preparing to return it. "Never back down from a fight!" The lieutenant yelled as he gave his pokemon a signal. The Raichu sprinted to Sabrina on all four of its legs and once it reached her, it knocked the pokeball out of her hand, using another Focus Punch. The psychic gym leader cried out and grasped her hand with the other, holding it close to her chest while she backed up in pain.

"Poison Fang!" Yelled the uniformed female. Her pokemon's fangs instantly filled with venom, then stuck its glowing purple fangs in the Gallade's shoulder.

"Get it off of you! Use Close Combat!" Sabrina barely croaked out. The dual-typed pokemon nodded as it ran against the wall, slamming the Crobat into the stone multiple times before it finally let go. Then its fists pounded into the purple bat pokemon's face and stomach, then sent it flying with a high-jump kick, but they haven't won yet. The Gallade was exhausted and weak. It fell to its knees while its breathing was labored and hoarse. The Raichu and the recovered Crobat slowly approached the fallen Gallade with maniacal grins on their faces.

"Thunder Wave." Lt. Surge commanded in the background. The owner of the Crobat snapped at her leader, telling him that the Gallade was already paralyzed, but the expression on his face did not change. The electric-type pokemon jumped over the Gallade completely, and sent out three more pulses of electricity directly at the wounded gym leader. Sabrina sunk to her knees, feeling the attack take its toll on her while it sucked out the remaining energy away from her. Sparks covered her body every time she tried to move. Lt. Surge slowly approached her with his hands behind his back, chuckling to himself since he knew that he had won.

He lifted her up off the ground by her wounded wrist until she was eye level with him and softly said, "This region can do without people who refuse to help it." Sabrina's eyes filled with fear as she looked at him, not being able to predict what he would do next. Whenever she tried the move, the Crobat would hit her in the stomach with its wing, knocking the wind out of her.

"That's enough. I think she's all out of fight." He said putting his sunglasses back on.

Scarlett hesitated as she watched. Even if she was a criminal, no one deserves that sort of treatment. She gritted her teeth as she clenched her eyes closed, pointing at one of the fighter's creatures. "Wild Charge, Jolteon!"

Her electric fox lifted its paw, taking off at a very high speed, its entire body being engulfed in a brilliant gold as lightning sparked out the aura that surrounded the small creature. Scarlett heard the crackling lightning, the cry of the pokemon that was hit, the yell of the man, and the sound of something hitting the wall, then the floor. When she opened her eyes, she saw the Crobat on the ground, twitching as electricity ran through its body. Lt. Surge had let go of Sabrina, but she was immobile on the floor too. The other two uniformed people who was blocking the door pulled their own pokeballs out in response, both planning to attack Sabrina and Scarlett along with the others.

"Bad idea, kid. Thunderbolt, Raichu!" Surge commanded his pokemon while he slowly recovered from the earlier attack. The electric mouse's yellow cheeks sparked as it charged up, then sent a bolt of lightning at Scarlett.

"Block it Jolteon!" Scarlett's spiky fox pokemon jumped in front of her and completely absorbed the Raichu's attack, filling it with even more energy and power. "Double Kick!" The fox spun in the air, flipping behind Surge's pokemon, then lifted itself up with its front paws, kicking the other electric creature right in the middle of its back with both of its hind-legs. Raichu was pushed forwards, then landed on its stomach as it tried to regain its breath. Scarlett took this opportunity to run over to the fallen Sabrina. "Are you alright?" She asked, placing a hand on her back.

"I can't move.." mumbled the psychic. Scarlett's nerves were off the wall. She did not want to be there at all, but she felt like she had to help the gym leader somehow. The blonde lowered down and wrapped Sabrina's arm around her shoulder, then then attempted to stand, though the psychic was heavier than she looked.

Scarlett pulled the Greatball off her belt with her free hand, summoning her large feathered beast from its captivity. The dragon lowered its body to the floor, allowing the trainers easy access to its back. The other two uniformed men finally released their pokemon: a Golem and a Cloyster. "Don't let these criminals escape!" commanded Lt. Surge who now had an angry expression. The Cloyster fired an Icebeam towards the dragon, almost freezing its six wings solid, while the Golem fired a shower of rocks upon the already struggling girls. The injured Gallade was able to destroy some of the larger rocks to hinder them from doing fatal damages to Sabrina and Scarlett, but it was far too slow to protect them from every rock. A few of the smaller stones, flew across their skin, making multiple cuts on their bodies.

"Use Hyper Voice!" screamed Scarlett as she covered her ears, burying her face into her dragon's black feathers. The dark dragon opened its mouth widely, exposing its razor sharp teeth that was aligned perfectly within its mouth, and let out an intense screeching roar that caused the entire building to shake. The girl's enemies screamed as they covered their ears, some hurling over or curling up in a ball.

Sabrina used her psychic skills to completely block out the sound and telepathically shared this with her Gallade, Scarlett, and Jolteon, though she returned her Gallade to its pokeball soon after. Once the roar had subsided, Scarlett ordered her pokemon to fly away as quickly as it could, but the Cloyster had fired another Ice beam at the dragon, causing it to fall to the ground again.

The blonde looked behind her, seeing all the enemy pokemon charging up for their next attacks. Raichu was surrounded by huge sparks of electricity, the Crobat's fangs were glowing a light purple, rocks that were created by the Golem hovered all around them, and a light blue orb of ice formed in front of the Cloyster, illuminating its face. The bright colors of the elemental attacks reflected in Scarlett's terrified eyes until she closed them, bracing herself for what was to come. Sensing how much danger they were in, Sabrina's eyes began to glow an ominous blue color as she grasped the dragon's feathers tightly. She held onto Scarlett's hand with her injured one then mumbled something that was inaudible to everyone in the room. In a matter of seconds, the dragon-typed pokemon, jolteon, and the injured girls completely disappeared from the gym.

When the blonde trainer opened her eyes, she was overjoyed to see the brightness of the sky, but her thoughts were interrupted once she felt herself plummeting down. Sabrina used her gift to teleport them away from the attackers, but instead they were hundreds of feet in the air and what was worse, Scarlett's pokemon's wings were frozen. Scarlett screamed loudly as she clung to her dragon's neck tightly as they fell from the sky. Her jolteon hid underneath its trainer's body, trying not to be blown away. Sabrina was still holding on to the golden-haired girl's hand, but she soon lost her grip whenever she passed out due to using so much energy to teleport. Scarlett managed to catch her, but the force of the wind in her face and the fear of falling to their deaths made it harder for her to hold her up.

"Fly! Please! Fly!" she screamed as she pulled Sabrina closer to her. The dragon's six feathered wings attempted to flap, but the ice hindered them from moving at all. It roared loudly,trying over and over again, trying to save them from their doom while they twisted through the air.

In mid-flip, the feathered dragon fired a pale purple cyclone of fire from its mouth at its wings, thawing out the ice that imprisoned them. With one single flap, the dragon leveled itself and stopped them from falling, saving them from a horrible death. They were past Saffron City but they were still really close by. Scarlett's pokemon slowed down once it knew they were safe and flew calmly through the sky, the sunlight warming its body.

Scarlett slowly opened her eyes and hugged her jolteon tightly after placing Sabrina in a comfortable spot on her dark creature. Thankful to be alive, she inhaled the air while a small smile formed on her face. Her smile disappeared when she heard the psychic girl stir. "What was all that about? You almost got me killed!" Scarlett growled, looking back at the psychic gym leader.

"Nothing at all."

"You're lying." the blonde said as she narrowed her eyes.

"Believe what you want to believe, but I just refuse to be apart of whatever they are trying to form." the psychic said calmly. "But, you are going to have to help me." she added.

"I don't think so!" Scarlett said with a harsh bite to her words. "You're gonna have to. I am hurt. You can't let me die. They know who you are now since you helped me. We need to stay together for safety's sake. I also know where the woman who attacked you lives. Without me, you'll spend years trying to find her." The gym leader stated while whimpering in pain. Scarlett knew she would feel extremely guilty if she just left her somewhere. Who knows what would happen to her. She sighed, knowing she had no choice.

"Fine.. Just tell me where to find the old lady and we will get you to a hospital"

"We can't. They will be waiting for us there." the psychic said with her eyes closed. "Do you know the location of Lavender Town?" she added.

"I have heard of it, but I've never been there." Scarlett said as she ran her fingers through her large creature's black feathers, but she was slowly getting a headache. What has she gotten herself into?

"Just keep flying east. It is just to the right. It should be just a ten minute flight, but maybe twenty with this speed." The dragon hissed at the psychic's words but continued to fly at the same speed. Scarlett giggled as she patted down her dragon's feathers, amused that such a ferocious beast was even bothered with Sabrina's words. The three-headed dragon purred as its fuchsia flower-like collar twisted in the air, its black tuft on the tip of its long tail slowly swaying in the wind. Hydra's black feathers continued their dance within the gust.

"Your Hydreigon is very beautiful. Its looks well taken care of." Sabrina said as she patted the dragon gently, trying to lighten the mood.

"Thank you. I've had him for a really long time. He was my second pokemon. I caught him when he was a Deino. I nicknamed him "Hydra" because when I was a kid, I could not pronounce "hydreigon" properly." Scarlett responded with a laugh, trying to get comfortable.

"It looks different from the others that I have seen when I battled them in tournaments. This Hydreigon appears bigger than the others too." Sabrina said as she scanned the feathered beast. She was right. The figure of the dark dragons that everyone knows and has seen is the ones with the common round-shaped body and small feet. Scarlett's pokemon has a much more slender body compared with the common hydreigon, and its legs were longer allowing it to actually run, rather than just flying all the time. Hydra's six wings were not as thin and small as the other "common" dark dragons.

"Hydra is just another species of hydreigon. He has longer legs and wings since this kind of species hunts in both the sky, water, and the land, rather than just the sky. They use their wings for swimming too, making their wings more powerful and long so they can chase their prey faster, ya know? It is just how evolution goes throughout the years." She said, "There is actually a lot more just like him, and I was lucky come across him!" the groomer said, letting her ego get in the way.

"I am surprised how tamed he is. They are normally very violent and destructive pokemon." Sabrina added.

"He used to be. Since he was blind all his life until he evolved, he got really spooked one day and he caused..." Scarlett trailed off as she thought back when her pokemon went into a rage after it saw light for the very first time when it evolved into the feathered beast that she knows today. It damaged buildings and scared a large amount of people before Scarlett was able to catch it again and calm it. Maybe Hydra was the pokemon that hurt the old woman.. But was it possible that it claimed a few lives as well?

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