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Default Re: Do your friends know you like Pokemon?

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
At first I would play Yu-Gi-Oh with the others, but then one day I brought in my DS. One of the other guys there asked me what I was playing. When I told him it was Pokemon Black he drove home, got his DS and White, and then we had a battle. After that, the other students brought in their copies of Pokemon. We had every generation going on in one room. It was so cool.
That's awesome! Wish that happened at my college.

I used to play it with my ex quite a few years back, but then we split and I stopped playing for a bit. A couple of my friends know, my current partner knows and plays occasionally, although he doesn't always understand what's going on. I wouldn't deny it if it came up in conversation, and it's starting to become a lot cooler now too, which always helps.

Funny story, my partner literally just found out that I'm on here a couple of hours ago, I think his reaction to that was worse than when he found out I still play. 'Wow, you really are a nerd, aren't you?' were his exact words. Nerd and proud! I don't think many people would pick me as being a nerd because I don't look like your stereotypical gamer, but my close friends figure it out pretty quick haha
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