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Default Re: Navi Town

Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: To the Pokemon Center!

"Phew! Thank God we arrived here before dusk!" I run as fast as I can into the town's Pokemon Center, holding the weakened mouse Pokemon in my arms.
I break open the door and enter the Pokemon Center. All the other trainers stare at me while I hand Pichu to Nurse Joy.
Few Minutes Later
"Pichu!" Pichu happily cry out as Nurse Joy exit from the back door with a hospital trolley.
"Thank You for being considerate to your Pokemon for bringing her here!" Nurse Joy pick Pichu up and hand her to me with a smile.
"Nah, she's not my Pokemon but I'm taking care of her for a friend of mine. Thank You Ms. Joy!" I reply back while cuddling the now-healthy Pichu.
"You're welcome! Please come back again!" Nurse Joy wave at me as I exit the building.
"So Pichu, should we meet up with Altaria?"
"Pich..." Pichu shakes her head in disagreement while pointing at a fishing shack in the corner of the river located just beside the bridge.
"Oh well. I guess Altaria have to wait a bit. Let's go fish some new Pokemon!" I hold Pichu up on my shoulders and run into the bottom of the bridge. I sit down on the rocky ground and pull out my old rod from my bag. Then, I tie some poffins to the Pokeball end of the rod and throw in into the water...
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