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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Dredd, I'll PM you something soon.)

*Finished Crying, which took about two minutes*...Ugh...*Still feels terribly bad about what he did*...Gotta go say I'm sorry...

...Ugh, I feel awful...*Trying to find the alleyways he came in, completely separate from the ones Moon and Spin took save the entrance he took into them being the window*...That was completely rash and stupid of me...I probably tore apart any friendship I had with Red Team...*Finds the alleyway he came in, follows it*

*Comes back out on the Fuschia City Streets later, feels something in the back of his head similar to what he feels when he feels a vision coming on.*...Ignore it Gold, it'll only hurt you...*Finds his way to the Pokemon Center*

Nurse Joy: 'Uhh, weren't you part of that Red Team that checked in? Weren't you in a room in the back?'

It's a long story, madm. *Continues to the rooms they were staying at*

*Enters the Girls room again, to find Markus sleeping on the floor* What the...*Notices the carpet around Markus'es face is wet*...He cried himself to sleep...*Notices the rather wrecked state of the room*

*Fixes it up as best as he could for the Girl's eventual return, thankful nothing acutally broke during the fight*

*Picks Markus up and brings him back to his room, putting him under the sheets*

*Gold, from the stresses of the day, almost immediately falls asleep.*
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