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Default Re: GLADIATOR [su/ds]

NAME: Molly Jackson

AGE/GENDER: 20/Female

PERSONALITY: Molly is the independent type but can and will help someone in need. She doesn't let anyone push her around and always stands her ground. Some would consider her a closet nerd as she doesn't seem the type to be at first glance.

APPEARANCE: The first thing people notice about her is her rather short stature as she only stands about 5 Feet at best. Though she's never let that get in her way. You could say she's got a bit of an athletic body as she frequents the gym when she's not sitting on her butt playing games. She's got short brown hair and icy blue eyes.

HISTORY: Molly has always been into video games and playing with anyone willing to fight on the same intensity as her. Which resulted in her usually playing alone because she was more competitive then people were willing to put up with. The older she got the more competitive she became though she would keep it to herself whenever she was out in public. What most people saw was this small girl who they believed to be weak. That just made her stronger in her mind and would take her aggression out in the gym and sometimes taking out a few Space Invaders.

Once she became older she tried to leave the world of gaming a becoming a Pokemon Trainer. That never worked in her favor as the Pokemon she was given ended up running away from her. Thus making her come home and get into computer programming. In reality she wanted her very own Pokemon so instead of having real life one she turned to Porygon or P-Gon as she like to call it. She took the program data and tweaked it to make it more her own. (Think of it as GIR from Invader Zim but not that She spent countless hours tweaking P-Gon.

Over the years she kept working on P-Gon as she soon upgraded it to Porygon2 or P-Gon2. To her that was her best friend and she has done everything she can to keep her friend from hackers and spies. Just recently though she upgraded her friend once again to Porygon-Z or P-GonZ. She was proud of herself for what she had accomplished. She knew that no matter what her friend would never run away from her.

POKEMON LINK: Porygon-Z (P-GonZ)

ABILITIES: Conversion - With the power of data cubes Molly is able to become the same type as another user. Download - She is able to download information at a much quicker rate.
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