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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Oh, on another note...I'm just assuming Max is completely and fully hallucinating. Otherwise, if what Max said about the Pokemon obeying power is any bit true, then they'd immediately sense it in Dredd and switch sides, assuming he was even there. That level of power wouldn't go unnoticed by Gold, or Markus, or really anyone...)

*Markus is dreaming.*

Well, bloody fantastic...

*Markus is dreaming that Dredd killed basically everyone but him and Dredd's own Six Pokemon. Markus had narrowly killed Dredd after a ridiculously tough fight. Oh, and he's standing on a pile of corpses, human and Pokemon, that Dredd made, that extends as far as the eye can see, deciding on planting his butt on Dredd's head to make him feel a little better.*

...BLOODY FANTASTIC!!! BLOODY-*Insert a huge list of yelled-out profanities*-FANTASTIC!!!

*Markus is left with Dredd's six Pokemon, who, albeit still Shadows, are, as Shadow Pokemon, willing to follow any master, so long as they have the PokeBall. Markus releases Lila*

...Well, Lila! End of the world! The apocalypse! Nothing left! *Markus slams his fist onto the corpse of a random civilian*...Ugh. Dredd's just went mad with bloody power here...

<Well, technically, this is only a Dream. Too ridiculous. But still, this is probably what's going to happen...>

...D**mit. It's like bloody Minecraft...Except now you KNOW what happened with all those Zombies and Skeletons, and why there aren't any real humans, and why rocks can float in the air...*Looks down at the Tyrant Stone*...This only affects Dreams, Lila, Dreams and emotion. Not going to help us now, excpet possibly survive...In case of...You know. Zombies.

*Lila nods*

...D**MIT! I FAILED!!!

Not even my own Pokemon survived...*Sobs a little*...The only plus is, at least nobody in their right mind would try to kill me...Tyrant Stone, you, and all that. You're a tough Charizard, no doubts there.

*Lila nods in a bit of pride*

...Let's just live out the end of the world. Find survivors, protect survivors from whatever there is to protect them from...Maybe make their deams a little less...Well, c**py. Ugh.

Six Pokemon, a Psychic, and hopefully nothing that'll kill us all. Wonderful way to live...*Sobs for a bit*

*Markus mounts Lila*...Let's go...

*After a few seconds from takeoff, Zapdos comes out of nowhere to fry both Markus and Lila. Markus-a much stronger Psychic in this dream-narrowly survives. Lila is killed from the impact.*...Make it FIVE Pokemon, a Psychic who just broke his leg, and a giant thunderbird that still holds a bloody grudge. Ugh...Terrific...

<DIE!!> *Fries Markus to death with electricity*

*Markus wakes up, and checks his surroundings. He's in the boy's bedroom. He feels several immense Psychic presences.*

...*Buries his hands in his palms*...

...Ugh. The only thing to look forward to is making Sabrina freeze up with fear...And even that won't be cathartic enough...

...If I didn't make everyone in Red Team think I'm a heartless a**hole, then they'd still hate me for that...

...Just keep Dreaming, Markus...You'll find the answers, soon.

...I hope I'll find the answers...

...Gotta find the answers...

...The answers...



*Falls asleep again*
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