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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

*Wakes up*

*Wakes up*

*Turning to Gold*...

*Turning to Markus* Oh, Dear Arceus, I am so sorry, I shouldn't have acted that way, that was completely uncalled for, I just lost all control, Please, please-

*Cutting Gold short*...No, no no, I set you off and acted worse, if anything...Totally stupid, what I did. Made a complete a** out of myself...Please-

*Both realize what they're going to say*

*Simultaniously* Apology accepted.

...I just hope the Girls are equally forgiving...

And Max. Apparently, he was spying on us. D**m...That much, he hadn't a right in the world to do. Not sure when he started, but I caught on to him when I was alone...

...You'll forgive him, right?

If that means 'don't kill him,' then, well...Oh, alright. I'll ignore the fact there's a supervillain living inside Max for the moment.

*Finally relieved Markus changed his mind* Great!

...For the moment...

<*thinking to himself* Great...>

...Anyways...Let's just get up and eat. I feel starved.

Yhea. Let's go.

*Both get their things and go get breakfast*

(For the record, despite the point gain and what Dredd said (Didn't exactly clarify if DD was there or not), I'll say Max was completely hallucinating. Again. It's as likely-more so, in fact-than DD actually being there.)
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