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Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post

NAME: Jingka Givrali
AGE/GENDER: 18/Female
PERSONALITY: Jingka can be found to be incredibly odd and rather whimsical in the mind. She always seems to be thinking or watching something, though it isn't always clear as to what or why. Jingka is at first, questionable, often talking in confusing metaphors or using old sayings, proverbs, and such. However she has amazing analyzing abilities that let her extract information from just listening, seeing and or observing the slightest detail in mannerisms. Her high IQ allows her to think incredibly fast and work out plans for anything within a few seconds. Her analytical ability of people's speech patterns, body language and how they react to certain things gives her the insight into the human psyche that often makes people think she's some kind of psychic. This isn't the case, Jingka is just incredibly smart. She knows there is a reason for everything and to better understand people, will often analyze and observe to try and figure out whatever that reason or morale is.

APPEARANCE: Jingka is rather tall for her age, standing at 5'10. She has dark hair that almost looks black, and pale skin that contrast dull bluish green eyes. This look to her makes her seem incredibly enigmatic, and considering she usually has a ghost Pokemon on her shoulder ninety nine percent of the time, that just makes it normal. She mornally wears monochrome attire, but won't shy off from the occasional purple. Black pants, grey shirt, purple vest, everything about her screams ghost.


HISTORY: Jingka was born and grew up in Ekruteak City, moving between there and Celestic Town. She always had a fondness for ghost type Pokemon, often toting around her favorite Sableye. She was an on and off trainer, spending more time learning than travelling around and battling. She didn't have too much interest for the league, but more interest as to why people wanted to do it. Jingka was always interested in the why behind the face and the words. She jumped through psychology conventions and analysis courses and classes with ease. However her skills in such a field often put others off from her, as there was no way one could really lie to her unless they were nigh perfect at such a thing. Thus she was often alone on human terms, but always surrounded by her ghost pokemon.

When SUMMIT came out with their game Gladiator, originally Jingka didn't have much interest in it. It started to perk when conflicts about it were arising, and her natural wanting to know of why came about. She bought the game, and herself and her Rotom, played it together. Making notes on the game and looking at it from every angle, she could see why people did and did not like it. The escalation of the Plasma incident however, she found most impeding on the game's ability to make the most of itself. After the 'hype' died down, Jingka put it on her on and off studies for when she was bored, contuning on in her odd day to day life. Then, SUMMIT made a comeback. The girl found this entirely interesting, if not the slightest bit strange. After finding out the details of the contest ahead of time, she qualified and won one of the places to be one of those special, as she puts it 'BETA testers'. On her way to Nimbasa she still muses over what SUMMIT is doing with their game.
ABILITIES: Jingka has a suit with an open space for free coding in it. Next to that coding was an adaptive, almost virus like properties to it:

Ghost/Purple: Jingka can hack simple programs, and recode them to do simple tasks outsie their programming, or the complete opposite of what they were meant to do. She can also ghost their abilities and copy them to her coding and use their abilities as her own. She can also infiltrate blocked or sealed obstacles by making it seem as if she is transparent.

With Rotom's electric typing, Jingka was equipped with guantlets and wrist mounted laser 'claws'. These also double as her ability to ghost/hack into programs so are often used as a means to get past armor and into the direct feed of programming. However on a more offensive purpose they hurt...a lot.
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