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Default Re: 649 Things You Didn't Know About Pokemon!

misinformation? of course there will be some errors here and there, but its not intentional.

#26: did you know Satoshi tajari (the creator of pokémon) won a game contest sponsored by SEGA

#27: he also did not graduate

#28: he was also involved in the developement of The legend of Zelda

#29: he also worked on his own franchise called Pulseman, a game published by SEGA, the character pulseman closely resembles the pokemon bisharp

#30: the developement of pokemon red and green begun in 1990, but the games were finished in 1996

#31: mew was the first pokemon to be copyrighted

#32: pokeballs are based off bandai capsules, and therefore pokemon was originally going to be named ``capsule mon´´

#33: in the beta of ruby and sapphire, blaziken and latios was the same pokemon
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