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Default Re: 649 Things You Didn't Know About Pokemon!

Originally Posted by paperfairy View Post
Sorry, misinformation is bad for kids.

#11: Snorlax was thought to be the fastest Pokemon until disproved in 2004.
....what? who the hell though that? Do you mean fattest and/or heaviest? By that logic, Groudon isn't heaviest either, as somebody could come out and disprove it.... and R/S came out in 2003.
I think it was just a bad rumor floating around. It's like the Reshiram/Zekrom shiny rumor. :P I'd say a lot of "facts" are speculation sadly. D: I found these through Bulbapedia and other forums.

#27: The attack Fire Blast appears as the "火", the Japanese Kanji symbol meaning "fire".

#28: Due to a glitch in Black/White, Assist can use the moves of an unhatched egg that's in the player's party.

#29: Dragonite's wings can double in size when it flies.

#30: It is thought that the pearls Spoink carry are the ones Clampearl made.

#31: People have built towns on Corsola. It is thought that Pacifidlog has been built on them.

#32: Rhyperior's Pokedex entry states it shoots Geodude from it's hands.

#33: When Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, the swirl on it's belly changes direction.

#34: Wooper can learn Ice Punch, even without arms. It's thought to use it's tail.

#35: Arceus can only learn Draco Meteor if it is holding a Draco Plate.

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