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Default Re: Mara Region [Fakedex and other stuff]

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Ooh legends! The designs are really cool. They kinda remind me a bit of Dialga/Palkia since they were sorta robotic looking Pokemon. They seem really interesting from the descriptions. I'd love to hear more about their backstories and why they hate each other. Myths and legends are one of my favourite things about new regions =)
Ikr? I love the legends and backstories. That was one reason why I loved the Canalave Library in Sinnoh. :)

Random facts:
-was, in fact, suppost to look robotic
-is actually from somewhere else in the universe
-can fly using a strange green energy that eminates from it's arm 'spikes'

-was based more on crystals
-was believed to have been created by pressure and a mysterious force deep underground
-can fly via it's armwings, similar to Reshiram.
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