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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Route 3 for the infernal last time before I'll have my chance to get another Pokemon in here

I arrive at the familiar forest once again. Looks like the road is clearer in the day rather than in the night (duh!). I am already familiar with the roads...
"So let's get to that forest clearing! Were going to eat our lunch there!" Once I mention the word "lunch", my Pokemon excitedly run into the bushes, trying to arrive at the forest clearing as fast as they can.
"Wait up guys! The Poffins aren't gonna be there if I'm not" I pant while trying to follow their agile movements over in the trees.
We arrive at the forest clearance after a few minutes of running. Looks like this place is much more beautiful once the sunlight shines at it. Perfect for our lunch location. I take out another bag of seemingly unlimited Poffins and lay them down at a soft patch of clean grass. Then, I take out a sandwich and nibble at the cheese as I sit down and enjoy this beautiful marvel of nature. Oh yeah, since weird things happen everytime we have lunch, I wonder what will happen this time...

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