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Default Re: Recreating interest in stories for URPG

The issue isn't with PE2k's URPG story section, it's with PE2k itself. The website just doesn't have the member base it had back when you remember it. The admin hadn't updated the main website for almost two years before he gave some of the gmods the power to manage it, so we lost all of our potential new users, and meanwhile the old userbase has grown up and moved on with no newbies to take their place.

It is incredibly depressing and sad, but we can't turn back time. This branch tends to be neglected simply because there is no activity here. I personally focus on grading stories in the branch that is posting the most of them. As harsh as it sounds, I don't think posting a few extra stories here is going to make much of a difference. There are not enough users on this website to draw in in the first place.

While URPG is indeed most active on BMG, we are still struggling with activity. I would rather put my focus on the website with the most promise, than spread myself too thin on what is probably a lost cause. It's sad to see what expanding to BMG has done for PE2k's activity, but if Harry hadn't done so, I have a feeling this game would be completely dead.

Overly pessimistic? Maybe. But romanticizing about bringing this place back to life hasn't had much of an effect over the last couple of years. I would rather move forward, but at the same time would love to be proven wrong.

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