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Default Re: GLADIATOR [su/ds]

I'll get on this hopefully tomorrow and maybe the next day because 1) I feel tired tonight, 2) I'm busy with school, and 3) I still need to recuperate from...HIM...

NAME: Quinn
PERSONALITY: (Complete sentences)
APPEARANCE: (Complete sentences; please note that their apparel will be altered upon entering the BATTLEGROUND. Each player will be suited up in Battle Armor based on their link; and yes, the Battle Armor will look like those glowy TRON uniforms [This RP is inspired by TRON]. The color it glows depends on the type of Pokémon you choose. Yellow for electric, orange for fire, ect.)
HISTORY: (2+ paragraphs, complete sentences)
POKEMON LINK: Serperior/Green
ABILITIES: Earthly Connection - Because Serperior is a Grass-type, this allows Quinn to connect to the Battleground floor and re-code the FLOOR MATRIX SYSTEM to make harmful vines to appear. You know, the ones that are kinda like Frenzy Plant.

Royal Power - In certain environments, Quinn's armor gives him a boost of power. Environments such as high sunlight and jungles will give him extra strength. Yet, it's also vice versa, it can potentially weaken him in environments as the desert and hail. This ability can malfunction if in the rain, boosting his power or weakening it.


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