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Default Re: WiiU

I have it on preorder. Yea, call me dumb. I was originally going to wait for a solid Pokémon/Zelda/Sonic/Smash game to pull me in, but considering none of them are on it yet it will probably sit in a corner for a while, as the price drops. I haven't been interested in Mario games since Sunshine. Maybe I'd play New if I had a sibling or Ken would come over, but as far as I'm aware New Mario is not as fun solo and it's a bit short.

I have Transformers Prime on preorder as my first game on the console, but considering a lot are remakes, I agree with the consensus that the launch titles are a bit weak sauce. Even though I haven't played a lot of these remakes, the fact that I can get them cheaper on other consoles means I won't buy them on the WiiU. Except maybe Batman and Ninja Gaiden, which seem to be good remakes. Until WiiU starts having preorder bonuses, there's not much reason to get games on launch day. Wait and get it cheaper used I say.
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