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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Brandon you have to try and get on more, also you are going to be entering the building alone. the others are all lost in separate halls. You are going to have to play it out as if you just walked into the empty Bellsprout tower. Also its a Sage....*facepalm* which is like a monk)

The string shot wraps around him but as Damien gets closer it dissappears.

The Sage stands calmly behind him.
"Attacking a Sage here is a not a bright move." Gastly appears again.
"Gastly help our friend learn some respect for our tower." The Gastly looked at Damien
"Gas Gas !"

The massive Psywave Knocked Damien and his pokemon back. As the Gastly attacked Sage moved back disappearing in the walls.

Yellow stood their trying to think of way to signal him. Her Ariados climbed the walls trying to find a weak point. When Ariados couldnt it came down. Yellow looked around.
"Hmm to bad we couldnt get a chance to talk to one o the pokemon, maybe they could help us get back to our friends."
Yellow scratched her head.

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