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Default Re: Aqua on action replay

Does this count as necro? I'm sorry if it is but this was still on the first page of the section.

I've read most of the discussion, and I would also like to keep my game free of any modified Pokémon, in any, way, shape, or form. Legal hacking is still hacking, and is detectable in events. Nintendo doesn't go to so much trouble to make hack detection software if they didn't care.

There IS one true legal use of AR, and that's cloning since it uses backup saves. That's the only thing I'd ever use myself, and that's the only kind of Pokémon I would ever knowingly accept onto my game.

Also, could somebody please explain what Pokesav is? I've seen the word before but I'd rather have it explained to me than just Google it and have a brain overload like what happened when I looked up RNG abuse.
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