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Default Shadow Apocalypse


It is the year 2132. The once prosperous Gildor Region lies in shambles and the surviving Pokemon must fight against other Pokemon in order to eat and live. The human species has already fallen. An unknown being has been spotted sweeping across the region, forcing some Pokemon to serve it.

In these times of turmoil, the seventeen dragons of legend have woken up from their slumber to assist Arceus. The Seventeen reperesent the seventeen types of Pokemon that exist. They have also come up with a plan in order to help them. Choosing a select group of survivors, the Seventeen have decided to give their powers to them.

Can these survivors master the powers of the Seventeen so that they may combat the mysterious being, or shall they fail in the quest? Only you can decide.

If you choose to take part of the journey, use this sign-up form:

Altered Appearance (or Fakemon Description):
What dragon has granted you a power
Other Details:

This is my character.

Name: Auron
Species: Lucario
Altered Appearance (or Fakemon Description): One of his wrist blades are broken and he
Auron claims to be the great great grandson of the Lucario that served under Sir Aaron. He has lived a normal life until the Apocalyspe happened. Now, he lives on the run, using his aura powers to survive.
He is very loyal and loves to fight. He would never abandon his friends, even if there is a challenge present. He hates feeling hopelss and will fight to the very end if need be.
Element: Fighting
Other Details: He loves apples.
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