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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Spinel was not pleased to see the grass-type. She looked down at Sentry, how was growling and his his back arched up. His fur was puffed out as well, his tail straight up.

"You want to battle?" she asked the Furret, who only nodded while keeping his gaze on the Pokemon in front of them. "Then take it out."

Attacker: Sentry/Furret
Opponent: Bellsprout
Attacker's Points: 15
Opponent's Points: 12
Bonuses: -5 (evolution bonus, one stage)
Attacker's Points: 8
Opponent's Points: 0

As the two Pokemon battled, Spin again looked around the room. I'm approaching this at the wrong angle, she though. Of course they would make it harder to find the exit. I need to figure out how they have this set up, find their hidden passages. I surely doubt one of the sages will freely give me this information.

((I'm having the feeling that maybe boxing Weepinbell before coming to the tower might not have been a wise choice now...))
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