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Default Re: Quick Start Guide and Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, be sure to re-read the rules or ask us over at the General Chat, Help and Questions thread!

5. MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS (Check here if you have a question that hasn't been answered in the other sections!)


Q: Man, this game looks awesome! How do I sign-up?
A: Head on over to the sign-up thread! From there, make a post either in role play stating your character's experience in Professor Cedar's Pokemon lab and making sure to state somewhere which starter Pokemon you would like or simply provide your character's name and the starter Pokemon you want. An Official will approve your post if it is done correctly and you can begin your journey.

Q: Official? What is that?
A: An Official is a member of the PokemonElite2000 forums that ensures that the Wi-Fi League is running smoothly. They approve all player sign-ups and purchases and also activate events around Celestia for trainers to engage in. The list of Officials can be found in the rules thread.

Q: Alright, I've signed up! Now what?
A: Excellent! Head on over to the Wi-Fi League Trainer Records sub-forum and make a trainer record. You can look at examples there if you are having difficulty. After that, begin your journey in Andromeda Town. For more information about travelling, read the rules thread or check out the 'ALL ABOUT CELESTIA' section in this FAQ.

Q: I want to buy some of the items in the PokeMart or the Pokemon in the Pokemon Ranch. What are stars and how do I get some?
A: Stars are the currency of the Celestia Region. They can be obtained in a multitude of ways, such as battling trainers or completing tasks and events. They can be used to buy items and Pokemon, evolve Pokemon, place Pokemon in the day care or buy special Dream World abilities. The more stars you earn, the better your Wi-Fi League experience will get!


Q: What do I do in the area threads?
A: Many things! You can role play your character and decide what to do in areas, whether it be search for items or Pokemon or check out certain landmarks. When you post, sometimes one of the league's official's will cause an event to happen to your player - you may encounter wild Pokemon, find items or have sub-plots and events occur. Once travel time has elapsed, your character can move onto another area.

Q: Travel time? What's that?
A: Travel time denotes the amount of time must pass before a player can move from one area to another. When you first post in an area thread, take note of the time that you posted. Then, when the travel time has elapsed, the player can move to any of the areas listed in the area thread (unless there are certain requirements that you have not fulfilled). For example, Andromeda Town has a travel time of 2 hours. If I were to post at 12:00 PM, I would have to wait until 2 PM before I could move to either Route 1 or Route 22. Travel times vary between routes, so make sure you check before moving on to another area!

Q: Certain requirements? Like what?
A: Some routes cannot be traversed as quickly or at all without certain requirements being fulfilled, such as having the correct HM or a certain type of Pokemon.

Q: If I enter a route but I want to turn back, how long do I have to wait?
A: You must still wait the full travel time listed in the area thread.


Q: Where do I get the Pokemon for my Wi-Fi League account? Do I catch them myself in my 5th generation Pokemon game, or does an official trade it to me?
A: Whenever you receive a Pokemon in the Wi-Fi League you must catch it yourself in your 5th generation Pokemon game (or earlier generations, but you need to transfer to the 5th generation) unless the Pokemon was received in a trade from another player or is to be given to you by an official in an event.

Q: How do I get more Pokemon?
A: There are various ways to obtain new Pokemon in the Wi-Fi League. You may encounter and attempt to catch them on your journey in Celestia, you may purchase them from the Pokemon Ranch in any town, you may receive them in trades from other players or as rewards in events and competitions. When you have received a new Pokemon in the Wi-Fi League, add it to your trainer record, catch it and then train it in your Pokemon game.

Q: What level should I catch my Pokemon at?
A: You should catch your Pokemon below level 25. Then, you raise it to the level you wish for the Pokemon to battle at.

Q: What level do Pokemon battle at?
A: There are three levels brackets: 25, 50 and level 75. It is recommended that players keep their Pokemon at level 25 until they have two badges, then they are recommended they own sets of level 25 and level 50 Pokemon until they have six badges and then are recommended they have sets of Pokemon at level 25, 50 and 75 from badges number seven onwards.

Q: What moves can I teach my Pokemon?
A: To begin with, your Pokemon may only know moves it learns via level up or egg moves (for egg moves, they may only be learned if they cannot also learn that move via TM). If you want your Pokemon to learn TMs and HMs, you must find the TM or HM within Celestia - these can be obtained from PokeMarts, random routes in Celestia or from defeating gym leaders - they cannot be used until you have found them. As for Move Tutor moves, you must find the Move Tutor in the Celestia Region and learn the move there before using them.

Q: Can I evolve my Pokemon?
A: You cannot evolve your Pokemon as soon as it can naturally in-game - there are a number of requirements you must fulfil first. If your Pokemon can evolve only once, they must have participated in at least 30 battles. Then, you may post in the evolution thread and fill out the form stating you want to evolve your Pokemon - this costs 10 stars. If your Pokemon can evolve twice, they must have participated in at least 20 battles to evolve into the first form - you must post this in the evolution thread and pay 5 stars. To evolve into its second form, the Pokemon must have participated in at least 50 battles altogether, have this posted in the evolution thread and pay 10 stars.

Q: What about trade or item-induced evolutions?
A: If your Pokemon requires an item to evolve (for example, Eevee with a Fire Stone), needs to be traded to evolve (for example, Kadabra), needs both a trade item and to be traded (for example, Seadra with a Dragon Scale) or has any other requirements for evolution, you must fulfil these requirements first. Any items necessary for evolution must be found within the WFL and then presented in the evolution thread.


Q: How are battles conducted here?
A: To battle another player of the Wi-Fi league, contact them through VM, PM or ask them through other means of communication, such as an instant messaging service (the XAT Chat is an excellent place to find other players!). You must then negotiate which rules you want to battle under, such as level of Pokemon, number of Pokemon, battle style and any other rules. Register their FC in your Pal Pad and go into the Pokemon Wi-Fi Communication Club on the top floor of the Pokemon Center. Hop on-line and then battle!

Q: What are the rewards for battling?
A: Whenever you battle, you will receive stars. If you are in the same area thread as another player, you will receive 4 stars for winning a battle, 3 stars for drawing a battle and 3 stars for losing a battle. Otherwise, you will receive 3 stars for winning a battle, 2 stars for drawing a battle and 2 stars for losing a battle.

Q: Tell me about the Gym Challenge!
A: The main goal of most trainers is to collect all of the badges in the Celestia Region. There are 8 badges to collect - in doing so you will be granted access to the Pokemon League, a place where you will fight the elite in an attempt to become regional champion. All of the gyms are fitted with custom rules. To challenge a gym, you must be in the town or city where the gym is located. If you defeat a gym leader, you'll earn 10 stars. You may then rematch the gym leader whenever you like, but rematch victories only award you five stars. If you lose in a gym, you receive 2 stars. If you beat a gym, you'll also earn their badge and TM.


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