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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Markus wasn't wearing a Tyrant shirt, it was in his bag...That being said...)

Weakest Clan? Tyrant?! The Illex clan's almost completely destroyed by sheer lack of members, the Chromies are just all lying ba****ds and thieves, and the Phoenix Clan members are seemingly allergic to sunlight. Allergic to Sunlight. We of Tyrant are none of those things...And why'd you just cut my shirt if I wasn't wearing the colors underneath?!

You're just a**holes that need illusions and traps to survive the simplest of encounters, you understand me?! Now, you come out here and see if you're so strong you can protect yourself from trainers that are just starting! Seriously, that's who you're figthing? Or, perhaps we'll just turn around and forget this ever happened if you just TELL US. WHAT THE F***. IS YOUR DEAL.

*Notices the wall forming in front of him.*

...Hrm...*Pulls out Belt the Bellsprout, and watches him evolve because he spent his points*


Pokemon Evolving: Belt the Bellsprout
Evolving into: Weepinbel
Points Required: 21
Points on hand: 21 counting this post
Points afterwards: 0
Gannon Banned!

Now then...Belt, can you use an acid spray on that wall? In fact, on all around us? I believe this place is made of invisible walls, and I want to know where we're standing in relation to them, eh?

*Belt complies with a little hesitance, noticable acid is sprayed everywhere, revealing the shape of the room*

...Well, I hope that'll help matters...*Notices a hissing sound, believe's it's the acid melting the walls and hopefully NOT the floor*...I blame you sages for property damage.
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