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"Hello?" you hear someone say from right behind you. You jump a little and turn around.

"Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to freak you out. It is pretty freaky under here, isn't it?" A teenage girl is standing before you. She looks kind of unkempt... as if she's been out in the forest for a while.

"I'm Elaine," she says, reaching out to shake your hand. "You're the first person I've seen in a while. You wouldn't happen to have the time would you? It's so dark, I can't tell anymore. I was supposed to be in Navi Town by yesterday but I got completely sidetracked. You couldn't point me in the right direction?" she asks flusteredly, finally taking a breath.
HOLY MOTHER OF ARCE--oh. It's just a girl. Ha. Haha. *poker face*

"No, it's fine," I weakly laughed after she apologized. "Freaky's one word for it."

I listened as she launched into a rushed explanations--actually, I'm surprised that I got anything out of it, she was talking so fast. Still, I got the gist of it. She was pretty desperate to get out of this Arceus-forsaken woods. I frowned slightly, wishing that we could have been heading in the same direction.

"Uh, Zayna," I shook her hand and introduced myself, still feeling a little shaken. "And sure, Navi Town is..."

I stopped, staring down the road in both directions. Suddenly, I realized... I had lost my sense of direction after heading into the woods. I didn't know which way I had come from and which way I was headed.

"Aw, crud," I muttered under my breath. Realizing that Elaine was waiting for a reply, I stuttered, "Um, well... actually..."

Blaze stepped in right then and saved me from embarrassment. Tapping on my knee, he pointed in the right direction.

"Oh, right! Navi Town's right that way," I thanked Blaze with a nod and mimicked his gesture. "If you keep to the road, you should be there in no time."

I looked her over in concern, noting her grizzled appearance. Honestly hoping to help, I asked, "Is there anything else I can help with?"

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