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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

So, I herd u liek *shot before she finishes*

Er, yeah. That was my lame attempt to say I WANNA JOIN! 8D

Username // Nickname: Charmander009 // Char

Skills: Role Play, Creative Writing, Graphic Art... Oh, and I've joined the WiFi League, so... Battling, I guess?

Favorite Pokémon: Magikarp Charmander :3

Trainer Sprite: I'm going to see about getting one made, but for now, put me in as Carmen Sandiego the BW2 Girl Ranger sprite :D *can't find link to one ^^'*

Why do you want to join?: All the cool people are here :3

Other: Jaye said to join! :D

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