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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Grant's Pass, USA
ARPer's: Velocity, narphoenix, Winter

Outside had suddenly gotten rather loud. Even with my earphones on a low volume, I could hear them talking. I lifted my head slowly, my face completely covered in the shadow of my hood and bandana around my neck. Their voices were lively, something I hadn’t heard since that weird doctor happened to just find me on the highway. For some reason, I felt compelled to go outside. I slowly got up from my chair, walked across the floor and passed what was a living room, and opened the door. Outside there were several people. Several people in colour. I stood there, slowly closing the door behind me. I hadn’t seen this many active people in one place that wasn’t on the news, that weren’t being arrested. They were hear, talking, free.

It was overwhelming.

Devon stood out of his garage, cleaning his hands off with a stained rag. He looked at the Doc’s car, and the other one that I assumed belonged to the other group of strangers. I could hear music coming from somewhere. It was an incredibly low hum, but I could tell it was music.

“Oy, quiet down. This is that garage if y’all talked to Gesser.” Devon instructed, looking at Argeno, and then at his car. “Eh yeah I think I got somethin’ that don’t stick out too much. That set of wheels you got has been through tons of rough roads. Might be able to fix ‘er up too. I’ll take a look, see what I got.”

Devon turned to Doc, looking at him unimpressed. “You, enough with the quotes. I already don’t like you.”

I didn’t like him either, he knew too much already, Enginez or no Enginez.

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: That group yo.

I listened to what everyone had to say, and there was certainly a wide array of varying answers. Graphix seems more directly associated with their Sona’s creation than other Deviants were. I didn’t have much say though, I wasn’t how I originally was, and that forever left a scar on us both. Perhaps one day I would be as I was, however right now I was happy to be alive. I continued to roll along, slowly between boulders, trying not to get myself stuck between them. As I rolled over some of the smaller boulders, I felt a weird heat source from them. It was incredibly slight, but I found it odd. I slowed down and uncoiled myself, walking forward and putting my claws in the moss.

“This please is most unusual… I feel warmth from these stones.”

It wasn’t geothermal, and I wasn’t sure what it was. I looked around for any signs of some type of creature but I couldn’t find any right away.

“Does anyone else feel that we are not walking on normal ground?”

Adrian Acursio
Affected RPer's: Velocity, Winter

Adrian sat on his chair, next to his bed. The coffee remained as it was on the counter, the smell starting to claim the air in the room. His eyes were staring through the floor and into nothing. His mind had no thoughts in it and he remained almost motionless. If someone looked at him, he almost seemed sick, trying to grasp something that wasn’t there. His breathing was silent and his pale red eyes seemed to fade just a bit more. He didn’t even look up when his assistant opened the door again, and she wasn’t fazed by him sitting there, or even noticed the spilt coffee.

“Mr. Acursio, did you need anything before your meeting today?"

Adrian didn’t answer immediately, and when he finally did answer, his voice seemed to change to something that didn’t belong to him.



She closed the door promptly behind her, leaving Adrian to his own devices. He continued to sit there, as if frozen within his own mind or caught in a tumble of vertigo at the centre of limbo. He wasn’t sure how long he was sitting there for, as he wasn’t aware of anything. All of his senses were shutting off, and trying not too at the same time.

“Sss…Colo…” He muttered.

By the time he finally ‘woke’ from his state, he looked up.

“Oh…Nova and Ryza…hello.”
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