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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Might as well at least see if those those 7-point Bike Slips were any good, eh?

Might as well get some, flying tires my Charizard out fairly fast, and I prefer finding Pokemon on the routes, you know?

If that's not what you want right now...If you want a Gym Battle, I mean, well, I assume Jasmine will just give us the Gym Badges. Gym Leaders can give us badges for acts of valor, heroism, the like. They're just proof of responsibility and ability, and I think we demonstrated that in the Rocket Base...We'll go to the Gym afterwards and see about that, though, it's not a guarentee. After that, we can either go for a third round in the Safari Zone, this time Rocket-Free, or just leave and head to Saffr-Wait, wait! I remembered something else! Weren't we supposed to go to the police office and tell them about everything?

Oh, we completely forgot that much, too. Might as well get that over with as well...
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