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Chapter 02
The next couple of hours had been eventful. After Professor Elm’s ecstatic reaction to Ren he then asked Spinel to run an errand for him. No Pokédex or Pokéballs to send her off with. He just sent her out to find Mr. Pokémon’s house to get an egg. Not how the young trainer pictured her journey to start. However she wasn’t about to complain about it. It just meant that she and Ren could get some experience battling on the way. And they did just that with all the wild Rattata, Pidgey, and Weedle. The last of the three were the ones that the duo was most careful with, knowing that the small bugs could poison the Totodile. That would have been a very bad situation to be in.

Nonetheless they made it to Cherrygrove City and then to Mr. Pokémon’s house on Route 30. That was where she had a chance encounter with Professor Oak. He commented on how Spinel and Ren already had a close bond, and afterwards gave her the latest version of the Pokédex. The trainer then wasted no time in getting the mysterious egg and then quickly made it back to New Bark Town. With the egg safely delivered and one final goodbye to home, where she also got five Pokéballs from her mother, the new team was ready to head out.

“I hope we don’t have to see the crazy professor again,” Ren muttered, once again curled into the hood of Spinel’s jacket.

“I would have to agree. Elm’s a little…”

“Bipolar, if you ask me.”

The new voice startled the two. They looked forward to where Route 20 was marked, and leaning against the sign was a woman around Spinel’s age. The new girl had shamrock green hair tied back in a ponytail, her eyes currently closed. Her arms were crossed over her chest, which was covered by a black sleeveless top that had a teal button vest over that. Finishing the outfit was a sleek dark green pencil skirt. When she opened her eyes, Spinel couldn’t help but notice how bright the mint green color was.

“So you must be the girl my brother talked about this morning,” she continued, drawing Spin out of her semi-trance. “He was disappointed when you didn’t show up to get a Pokémon. I’m sure he would have given up his for you since there were only two this time.”

“You’re talking about Jasper?” Spinel asked, finally finding her voice.

Jasper was a childhood friend of hers with tawny colored hair that’s usually cut short and saffron yellow eyes. He had spent a lot of time at her house; always excited to see what new Pokémon her parents had caught. He did have a twin sister, but she never joined him. However he did speak of his sister from time to time, and from how he describe her Spinel suspected that this could be her.

“That would be my brother,” she said. “I’m Jayde. And I see you’ve gotten yourself a Pokémon.”

Ren now had her front paws on Spinel’s shoulder, the upper half of her body out of the hood. She growled at Jayde, not liking her presence. Spinel was a bit surprised with the Totodile’s reaction, having gotten the impression that she was a bit laid back when it came to meeting new people. However the trainer couldn’t shake the feeling that perhaps Jayde could be more trouble than she’s worth.

“Since we both have Pokémon, why not battle? That is what trainers do, after all.”

Spinel wasn’t so sure, and her hesitance was evident. However it seemed like Ren had other plans. She dug her claws into her trainer’s shoulder, using just enough pressure for it to be noticed and not painful. Uncertain purple eyes met red determined ones.

“Let’s do it,” Ren said. “We’ll show her. We’ve been training all day so far and got a lot of experience from traveling to Mr. Pokémon’s and back.”

With a slow nod, the Totodile then jumped off of her shoulder and stood ready for battle. Jayde seemed amused and withdrew a Pokéball from her light brown shoulder bag. With a quick flick of her wrist the small sphere was tossed in the air and opened. Once the white light cleared there was a pale green quadruped Pokémon with a large, dark green leaf on its head with matching leaf buds around its neck. It had very large red eyes that were easy to read. The Chikorita looked excited for a battle and determined to be victories. It even looked more confident with it realized Ren would be its opponent.

“A water-type?” the Chikorita scoffed, its voice deeper than one would think it’d be but not overly so. “This will be too easy. We got this one.”

“Don’t underestimate me!” Ren growled, on all fours and her back arched up.

“Sorrel and I will let you have the first move, Spiny,” Jayde said, a confident smirk curving her lips.

Spinel’s gaze hardened, something unlike her. “You’ll regret saying that.”


The battle with Jaye wasn’t that difficult, thanks to how strong Ren had gotten on their errand, but it was still a challenge. As soon as the battle was over Spinel had went back home to get her partner healed, and was also given some Pokéballs from her mother. Now she could catch a new teammate. With everything all set, the duo once again headed for Route 29.

Walking the beginning of the Route, there were no Pokémon in sight. Jayde had gone this way as well, but surely she couldn’t have beaten off all the wild Pokémon with how damaged her Chikorita was after their battle. There weren’t even any Pidgey around… Or so she thought. A small sound alerted her of a wild Pokémon in a nearby patch of grass. Ren lowered herself on the ground, ready to attack if needed. Spinel walked up to the patch and pulled away the grass, seeing a pile of feathers. When it moved that’s when the young woman became worried. She scooped the tan bird in her arms, turning to Ren.

“Come on, girl. Let’s not waste time getting back to Cherrygrove!”

The reptile nodded, quickly jumping into the hood of her trainer’s hoodie so she wouldn’t slow her down. Once she was secure Spinel stood back up and then started to run. She could feel the Pidgey’s breathing was shallow and slow, its heartbeat rapid. She just hoped she could get him to the Center in time…


Luckily there were no incidents getting to Cherrygrove City. If there were any wild encounters then Spinel had just ignored them. Her main concern was for the small flying-type she found. The Pokémon Center was not currently busy, so Nurse Joy was able to see to the wild bird immediately. It was nerve wracking, waiting to hear on his condition. Once he was stable was when she was able to check in on the bird. He was laying on one of the beds, some bandages covering his body, and appeared to be asleep. But when Spinel approached to sit in the chair next to the bed he opened his eyes, turning his gaze to her.

“Don’t worry. I’m not here to hurt you,” the young woman spoke softly, sitting down slowly to not alarm the wild Pokémon. “I brought you here to get help. I hope you’re feeling better.”

The Pidgey tilted his head to the side, his brown eyes shining with curiosity. He then laid his head back on the mattress, still looking at the young trainer.

“Stupid grass-type took me by surprise,” he said.

Ren growled. “Sorrel, I’m guessing. He’s a Chikorita, and his trainer and mine aren’t the best of friends.”

Spinel shook her head. “Ren, don’t be like that. You don’t need to make it sound like Jayde and I are enemies.”

The Pidgey turned to the girl. “You understand us? Most humans don’t.”

“I do, but I don’t know why. I hope to learn the answer on my journey.”


“That’s right! Spinel and I are on our way to take on the Johto League!”

“If you’d like, you can join us,” the trainer offered.

The Pidgey seemed to think it over, and then he nodded. “I think I will,” he replied. “The name’s Shikoba, but you can call me Shiko. Nice to meet ya two.”
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