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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"So you and Diana are back together?" Caroline attempted to lighten the mood and keep Damon’s mind off of the bite as she walked over to the couch and sat down next to him.

"Yeah." Damon responded with a small chuckle as Abigail and Scarlet sat on his lap. "I know that the baby is Mason's, but I love Diana too much to let her slip through my fingers again. I already lost her once, so there's no way I'm letting her go again."

"Does it bother you though that the baby isn't yours?" Kotomi asked the question on Kiseki’s mind in concern.

"It honestly doesn't." Damon‘s response surprised the dark haired teen. "Her and I could never have a baby of our own since I'm a Vampire, the only reason why Ashley and Ichiru being able to is because Ashley is a Doppelganger." He paused for a moment before continuing. "I mean, I wish the baby was mine, but there's nothing I can do about that. I left town for so long, so I know that Diana had to move on. Even though the baby isn't mine by blood, I'm still going to treat it like it's my own child."

"I want a baby..." Caroline blurted out as she looked down at the ground, and Kiseki’s face lit up for reasons unknown to him as Isobel chuckled.

"Well maybe once this whole Klaus thing is finally over with then you and Kiseki could look into adopting a baby." She said, and the blush on Kiseki’s face faded away into an expression of joy that mirrored Caroline’s when she looked over at him.

“That’s a really good idea.” He responded to his mother, although his gaze was on Caroline as he continued with a smile. “I’d really like to do that.”

He would have never let it show or told anyone, but deep down Kiseki had always been a little upset that he and Caroline couldn’t have a child of their own due to being Vampires. Abigail and Scarlet were like his own children and he treated them as such, but it felt like there was still a small void somewhere inside him. For some reason, he had never thought of looking into adoption, but now that Isobel had brought it up, any trace of emptiness or sadness over the matter that had been lingering had completely disappeared.

"Don't people ever knock in this town?" Back at the mansion, Klaus sighed as the group burst through the door only seconds after leaving the house.

"We need the cure to a Werewolf bite." Diana was the one to speak, although currently hers and both Ichiru’s and Aiden’s eyes were on Mason, who looked at the ground.

"Okay, so what bargain are you willing to make then? My blood isn't cheap." Klaus responded.

"There isn't going to be a bargain." Diana growled, and pulled out a pocket knife. Ichiru and Aiden looked at her in shock as she opened the blade and pressed it against her throat. "If I die, then you won't be able to make anymore of your stupid Hybrids."

"You won't kill yourself." Klaus laughed. "You're pregnant, so of course you won't kill yourself. Besides, even if you do die then I can always just use Abigail's and Scarlet's blood to create my Hybrids."

"That's where you're wrong." Diana argued. "My mom can place a powerful spell on them to where you wouldn't be able to use their blood, so then you truly couldn't make anymore Hybrids."

"You're bluffing." Klaus growled.

"Am I?" Diana challenged as she pressed the knife further into her skin and began to move the blade along her skin. The sound of its ripping filled the air, and the scent of fresh blood quickly followed it.

"No!" Both Klaus and Mason jumped up and tried to stop the young Witch, but a force field prevented them from reaching her. Just as both Ichiru and Aiden were about to try and stop her themselves, Klaus finally caved in.

"Okay! I'll give you the blood!"

Diana allowed the knife to fall to the floor as a small stream of blood trailed down her body from her neck and onto the floor. Stefan quickly bit down on his wrist and fed the Witch some of his blood to heal her, bringing Ichiru and Aiden to finally relax.

"Are you okay?" Stefan asked, to which Diana nodded before looking over to Klaus.

The Hybrid stubbornly picked up an empty glass and bit down on his own wrist, letting the blood flow into the cup. He then walked over to Diana and handed her the glass with a glare in his eyes.

"No one makes a fool of me and gets away with it."

"Well if you do anything to try and harm my friends and everyone who I care about, then I will kill myself, which means you wouldn't be able to create anymore Hybrids." Diana replied as she took the glass and walked out of the house. Ichiru and Aiden allowed the others to go ahead of them, both teens glancing back at Klaus and Mason before they left the mansion with their friends.

A few minutes later, the group returned to the house, and Kiseki looked at Diana in shock when seeing that she was covered in blood - and her own blood at that. Everyone else seemed perfectly fine, and even Diana herself had no visible wounds, but the amount of blood on her was impossible to ignore.

"What happened?" Damon asked as he quickly stood up from the couch after Abigail and Scarlet had. Kiseki rose from where he had sat next to Caroline as Ashley walked over to her children and hugged them while reassuring them that everything would be okay. He glanced at Ichiru and Aiden, who both seemed to be calm, although he could see that they were slightly unnerved by something that had happened.

"It's not important. Just drink." Diana responded to Damon and handed him the glass. He quickly downed the blood and then looked back at her, giving a shake of his head.

"It is important. Tell me what happened."

"Everything is okay." The young Witch reassured him as she placed both hands on his cheeks and gave him a soft kiss. "I'm going to go back home and shower. I'll be back soon." She then left the house, leaving the group in silence. Damon’s eyes fell on the group that had just returned in search of answers.

"What happened? And tell me the truth." His eyes locked on both Ichiru’s and Aiden’s as he spoke, and as a result, the group that had stayed behind shifted their attention to them as well.

“Diana threatened to kill herself in order to get Klaus’ blood.” Aiden beat Ichiru to the response with a simple one of his own, and Kiseki looked at him in shock. It now made sense why the brunette had been covered in her own blood. “She used the fact that he needed her blood to create his Hybrids as blackmail and convinced him to help us.”

“And he just did it obediently…?” Aiden looked at Kiseki as he spoke, knowing the reason for the suspicion in his tone. Klaus was not one to obey the wishes of others, and if he did it never came without a price. All of them knew that by now.

“For the time being.” Ichiru was the one to speak this time. “He obviously bore a grudge, so it’s probably best we stay on our guard.”
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