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Default Re: Zenith Town Gym

Zenith Town Gym Leader: Cadence Master Parson

Parson gave deep, heavy gasps. That was by far the most intense battle he had experienced thus far.

"Urk. Fine." Parson stood up and made his way over to Corey. He then shook his hand firmly, uttering a "well done".

Result: A win for Typhlosion Explosion!

"Take these. They'll will be pivotal on your journey."

Corey recieved the Cadence Badge!

"With this badge, you also receive the right to use this TM."

Corey received TM 29 Psychic!

"Congratulations, trainer. If you want to continue your league challenge, you should seek to go to Aurora City." Parson returns to the end of the gym, facing the wall.

You figure you should leave now.
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