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Default Re: Zenith Town

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Exploring the Library

I pick up the orange tokens. I suddenly have a thought.

"Hey, we all have tokens right? Should we split them equally among ourselves? Or keep all one color...? Could they mean prizes?" I say while walking through the final door.
Originally Posted by Pokemon Breeder Dustin View Post
Trainer: Dustin


Currently: Zenith Town Library: Subquest Ho!

Dustin shrugs at Corey. He snatches up the purple tokens, one of the red ones, and follows him through the door.
Official's Post:

You all step through the door. You are almost blinded by the sight before you - pure gold walls illuminated the area due to their sheen. Was it real gold? Maybe. Or maybe you were hallucinating. Who knows?

The floor makes ringing sounds as you walk across it. In front of you are three doors - one green, one orange and one purple. Quinn walks through the green door, Corey through the orange door and Dustin through the purple door.

Inside the rooms the walls are decorated with your respective colours. In front of you there appears to be...a gachapon machine? It's decorated in red, green, purple and orange plastic. Inside the machine's clear exterior you can see all kinds of prizes; Poke Balls, rare candies, and even stars! A small slot, large enough to insert a token, exists in the exterior.

Congratulations! You have made it to the prize room.

Certain colours of tokens will earn you certain prizes! Sharing is caring! Unfortunately, you didn't share any of your tokens whatsoever. Hmm.



Token Count:
Typhlosion Explosion: 7 orange
Pokemon Breeder Dustin: 6 purple, 1 red
Metal Gear Snivy: 5 green, 4 red


For your strength and courage, orange tokens earn you stars! The premise for this prize is simple really. 1 token = 5 stars.


For your intelligence and wisdom, green tokens earn you experience points! 1 token = 2 battles worth of evolution EXP for your Pokemon. Please state how you are distributing them amongst your team.


For your love and beauty, you receive Poke Balls to help expand your team and introduce more Pokemon to your kind ways!

= 1 token
= 2 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens
= 4 tokens


For freeing Agnutis, red tokens award you evolution items!

Fire Stone - 2 tokens
Thunderstone - 2 tokens
Water Stone - 2 tokens
Leaf Stone - 2 tokens
Moon Stone - 2 tokens
Sun Stone - 2 tokens
Shiny Stone - 2 tokens
Dusk Stone - 2 tokens
Dawn Stone - 2 tokens
DeepSeaScale - 1 token
DeepSeaTooth - 1 token
Dragon Scale - 1 token
Dubious Disc - 1 token
Electirizer - 1 token
King's Rock - 2 tokens
Magmarizer - 1 token
Metal Coat - 1 token
Oval Stone - 1 token
Prism Scale - 1 token
Protector - 1 token
Razor Claw - 1 token
Razor Fang - 1 token
Reaper Cloth - 1 token
Up-Grade - 1 token
Soothe Bell - 2 tokens

Please post to claim your prizes and make a note in your record to say where you got them from!

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