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Originally Posted by ArceusTheCreator View Post
Trainer: PJ
Currently: Talking to JC
In party: Abra

"Ah,thank goodness it took quite a bit to get here but now I'm ready for some action! How about you JC?" PJ asked and looked to his traveling companion.
Official's Post

You take your first step onto Route 1 ready for the excitement of a new adventure! "How about you, JC?" you turn around to ask your new friend.

Before he can reply, something lands with a crash right where you were standing a second ago. When the dust clears, you see a strange Pokemon resembling a a corn kernel. "Sun! Sunkern!" it cries, seemingly unaffected by its drop from the sky.

Wild Sunkern appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle! You may try to catch it, defeat it or run!
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