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Default Re: Zenith Town

Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Shinx, Swiftwind
Location: Zenith Library - Zenith Gym

The green orb comes out of Quinn, does one last swirl around him, then finally going inside of him once more, making his eyes flash green. "I feel...different," Quinn says. He looks at the items at his feet. "All this! Wow! Huh?" Quinn looks at his egg. His adventure had hatched it.

"Pid..." The bird cooed as it transformed from an egg to Pokemon. Yes, the egg TRANSFORMS into the Pokemon. HAVEN'T YOU EVER SEEN THE BATTLE FRONTIER SERIES?!

"'re cute. Though, you look like you have more potential...I'll call you Swiftwind." Quinn huffs. "Wow...*HUFF* that adventure took way more out of me than expected...*HUFF*"

"Coo..." Swiftwind said again, glowing. Shortly after, Quinn felt better.

"Wow, that was neat." Quinn activates his Pokegear

Accessing Pokegear 3.0...

Welcome, QUINN. Access which mode?

-Map Mode
-Phone Mode
>Pokedex Mode

Which function should be used?

-List Pokemon Seen
>Move Checker
-Pokedex Rating

Scan Pokemon.

Quinn points the Pokegear to Swiftwind

Morning Sun
Quick Attack

"Huh...neat. Though, my add-on is off the charts! Looks like even the ones in storage got stronger! But, only 5... I guess I'll pick up my items and go."

Neku, Miles, Shinx, Derpina, and Swiftwind gained +2 Wi-Fi Battle EXP!

Quinn collected the items:
Metal Coat
Dusk Stone
Sun Stone

Level 100: 3287 Proud Deviant of the PE2K Deviants
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