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Originally Posted by ArceusTheCreator View Post
Trainer: PJ
Currently: Battling Sunkern
In party: Abra

"Go Timmy!"PJ yelled And motioned for Timmy to do something
"Ab-Abra?"timmy said and looked back at PJ Very confused.
" something....." PJ Said.
"A-Abra" timmy said confused.
"Ah here goes nothing" PJ said and tossed a ball at the sunkern.
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(Remember to include your Trainer's name, party and what you're currently doing in every post :) I edited it in for you this time!)

Poor Timmy doesn't know any useful attacks yet. You have no choice but to throw a Pokeball at the unweakened Pokemon. You cross your fingers as the ball wobbles on the ground, hoping it will stay closed...


Sunkern was caught!

Make sure you add Sunkern to your stats and don't forget to remove the Pokeball you used from your stats!
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