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Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
Grant's Pass, USA
ARPers: Velocity, Sabi, and Nar

Before the man in overalls could speak, another approached. "This IS the junkyard you're looking for." he said, waving his right hand in front of their faces while impersonating the voice of an old man. Shiba and Argeno frowned, both stepping protectively around Al, who wrinkled her nose at the guy. None of the three liked him, and he'd only spoken a single sentence so far. The stranger made the same wave to overall guy's face and said in the same voice, "Let them pass." The taken-aback expression on Al's face (which was half-hidden by her hoodie's neck, seemed to summarize their feelings well enough: Who did this guy think he was? Overalls guy looked more like the owner than he did, so why on earth was the guy acting like he owned the place? Shiba's frown deepened, and then he turned to them.

"So, Shiri, Kari, Silverstreak. May I have the names you go by in this world? You can call me Doc." That got the strongest reaction yet. Shiba, without looking, shoved Al backward, towards Argeno, and shot forward, grabbing a fistful of the guy's lab coat.

"Those names, how do you know them?" Shiba snarled, meanwhile, Al had fallen back into Argeno hard enough to knock the earbuds out of her ears, and both 'Doc' and Al were about to get hoisted up for very different reasons when another voice broke in.

"You idiot, we want these people to trust us, you ignorant ass." This brought pause to the both Argeno and Shiba, who clearly looked torn--was this the safe place they had thought it was supposed to be, or was this a trap? In Argeno's grasp, Al squirmed, clearly uncomfortable with her earbuds now hanging from their wires at the front of her hoodie rather than being fitted snugly into her ears.

The newcomer quickly introduced himself to Daniel while Shiba, Al, and Argeno stood frozen, their better judgement screaming at them that this was a trap and that they needed to run...and then the guy in the overalls started talking.

“Oy, quiet down. This is that garage if y’all talked to Gesser," he said, looking at Argeno, still holding the smaller girl of the group by her shoulders, a look of discomfort steadily growing on Al's face, and then over to the cars. “Eh yeah I think I got somethin’ that don’t stick out too much. That set of wheels you got has been through tons of rough roads. Might be able to fix ‘er up too. I’ll take a look, see what I got.” Argeno was too confused to say that he would love to have the Clinker get a fix-up, it was old and he loved the cars to death, but he was still baffled by the contrast between Doc and the others remarks.

Overalls guy then turned turned his attention to Doc. “You, enough with the quotes. I already don’t like you.”

"That makes most of us, I would think," Shiba grumbled, still keeping hold of the fistful of fabric she had, attention focused on the doctor no one so far seemed to like, while Argeno suddenly caught sight of another who had come out to join the group--another who wore no color, except for maybe the bandanna around their neck, and whose face was hidden from view. Al trembled, fighting not to throw a fit over her loss of music, but the tension around her prevented her from shoving the earbuds back in her ears, and Argeno's attention was now totally taken up by the person whose presence screamed WAE.

Which was why when Al began to sing, he nearly dropped her. "It takes acquired minds to taste, to taste, to taste this wine/ You can't down it with your eyes/ So we don't need the headlines/ No, we don't want your headlines/ We just want..." Al's tiny voice had started just murmuring the words, but they quickly got louder and more steady sounding. The irony was amazing, as he recognized the song, and knew the rest of it--it was one of Al's favorite "freedom anthems" or sorts, and she had a thing for Paramore. A lot of songs of theirs were pieces of irony in this situation... Argeno just hoped someone would either explain that they were safe or try and attack them already. This was too confusing.

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: The big group

Kari snorted at the floating blue ball's suggestion of a team name. "Because that's totally not self-centered," she shot, rolling her eyes. Beside her, Shiri shrugged.

"Hey, at least he's honest, if a bit annoying," she said, brushing a bit of hair back behind her ear. Then she looked up as Veza unrolled herself, seemingly intrigued by something.

“This please is most unusual… I feel warmth from these stones," she said, looking around. “Does anyone else feel that we are not walking on normal ground?” Kari, Silverstreak, and Shiri all swiveled their heads around, scanning for any sign of danger before Shiri crouched down to put her hand against the rocks.

"Well, it's warm, but I have no idea why... I've never left Umecit, so I'm clueless," the Siren murmured. Silverstreak let out a mental sigh.

"I've heard of creatures stumbling across castles of ice around here and sometimes in Inanu, but not anything like this..." the dragon said slowly.

Ryza Hale and Nova Bard
WAE Graphix and Enginez
ARPers: N/A

The pair kept silent as they walked down the hall, following the woman. Ryza observed that she didn't seem to bother checking behind her to make sure that she and Nova kept up with her pace. She was WAE, what did she really care? Ryza just barely prevented herself from snorting at her own mental response. What did she care? Probably not much; whether they followed or got lost, it would most likely be the same to her.

She glanced up in time to see Nova chewing on his bottom lip almost nervously before they arrived at a door not much different than any other in the hall. "Mr. Acursio is just inside, knock when you are ready to enter," she told them primly before leaving them standing in front of the door.

"Are you okay, Nova?" Ryza asked, noting he was still chewing on his bottom lip. Nova jumped slightly before looking at her and nodding.

"Yes, I'm just fine...just a bit nervous," he muttered in reply, shaking his head. "Come on, let's not push this back any farther," he said as he knocked gently. He received no response. Nova tried again, louder this time, and still got no response. After a third, rather loud knock, he opened the door, frowning. Was something wrong?

"Mr. Acursio?" he called softly as her entered, Ryza following. She felt that as though any moment, alarms would start going off, as though they had done something wrong... Except no alarms went off. In fact, Adrian Acursio didn't even respond. He sat unresponsive in a chair by a bed, the smell of coffee filling the room. "Mr. Acursio?" Nova repeated, spotting him, and then he froze.

"Is he okay...?" Ryza whispered, Nova shook his head.

"I have no idea, Ryza," he replied before trying again. "Mr.--" He stopped speaking as Adrian lifted his head to see them standing there.

“Oh…Nova and Ryza…hello.” Ryza jumped as though he had shouted, looking unnerved. Nova winced as she tightened her grip on his arm further, almost digging her nails into his arm through his lab coat.

"We were told you wanted to see us, sir?" Nova said, looking a bit surprised himself, but otherwise, he gave nothing away.

Aerys and Thirteen
Inner Enfin
ARPer's: N/A...I think?

Thirteen paced across the room impatiently. "First he sends people after us, accuses us of terrorizing chameleons, and then chats us up before going 'Here's a room, have fun,' and leaving us here?" the vampire asked agitatedly. Aerys watched her from her seat cross-legged on the floor.

"He seems to be the leader figure here, he must be busy," the Guardian replied, shrugging. Thirteen looked annoyed.

"Yes, but still...ugh, I hate this."

"It isn't like we're prisoners, Thirteen. We aren't locked in; we could leave if we really wanted to," Aerys pointed out softly, tilting her head as Thirteen strode across the floor one way and then the next.

"And? They're a resistance group. Who we need to be hanging around with, really. We can't just leave now that we've found them, " Thirteen countered, Aerys sighed.

"We could leave the room if you wanted. You're going to wear a track in the floor if you keep it up," the robotic girl grumbled.

Mao Masuyo, Hanbei, and Takumi "Kanon" Atsushi
Deviant Scribz, Tungz, and Fabz
Shibuya, Japan
ARPers: N/A right now

"I need to see Kanon," the man grumbled, gesturing to the door next to her. Mao Masuyo just gave the man an infuriating smile and leaned in close to his face.

"News flash, everyone wants to see Kanon these days," she shot back over the sound of the radio by her feet, blasting unauthorized music from a hijacked channel. It ricocheted off the walls of the hallway and created an almost eerie effect, and quite a humorous one as well, considering the line of people that had been crammed in the hallway earlier. "Who do you think everyone is here to see?" she asked him. "They certainly didn't head into an abandoned building looking for a party."

"I could swat you away like a fly, little girl," the larger man threatened, and Mao let out a sharp laugh, careful not to throw her head back when she did for fear of knocking the green chin-cut wig off her head, despite the fact half a hood held it in place.

She took care to push the delicate-looking fake glasses up her nose before she spoke again. "You're a Tattu? Thanks for volunteering the info; I now know the best strategy to use against you. Size and ability won't help you fight me; just sit down and wait your turn, strongman." The man let out an animalistic growl in reply, and that was the end of it.

"Come on now, let's take it easy," a soft voice commanded as a boy only slightly shorter than Mao rose from a collapsible chair on the other side of the radio. "If you would just have some patience, and stop trying to pick a fight with the lovely lady, Kanon will see you as soon as he's done taking his current commission. Until then, please calm down and wait patiently," he suggested warmly, punctuating the sentence with a smile. For a moment, the other man looked confused, and then he shook his head and stepped away from Mao, re-joining the last few people looking to order outfits from 'Kanon.' She wondered if he even realized he had just been ordered around by a Tungz. Mao glanced over at the boy, wishing they could go home so she could get both her wig and his off. Hanbei didn't look right with a blond bob and electric blue eyes. She wasn't a fan of commission days, but they were a necessary evil to keep paying the bills, unfortunately. This meant that for the next few days, Takumi would be holed up in the basement of the house they shared, and she would be pestering him to come up for air every few hours.

Her housemate was dedicated to his work, and she was dedicated to her role as mother hen of the trio. Hanbei would complain they didn't see him enough in those next few days, too, but that just meant she would have more of an excuse to drag Takumi up, or maybe they would all put in a little bit of time down in the basement with him--they both knew enough of Takumi's process to know how to produce clothes on their own, even though Takumi never actually let them.

"Thanks," she murmured to Hanbei, and the boy inclined his head.

"You're welcome," he murmured back returning to his chair and becoming a ball of hoodies and shirts and a single heavy coat--he looked homeless, Mao thought, and then shook her head. No, there was no need for thoughts like that, she didn't need to jinx their luck. With that, the girl was left to lean against the doorframe and drown in the j-pop that flowed through the speakers of the raddio by her feet until Takumi came out and told her they were done or until the WAE took the station back. Mao figured Takumi would be done before the station was.

OOC: WHOO! Long post! ...and an odd intro to Takumi and crew.

EDIT: Also, that song al is singing; it's "Born for This" by Paramore, the chourus, to be exact.

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