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Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Finally, its time to search for a new Pokemon again.

After eating our extra-long lunch, we stare at the sky in this silent night.
"Hey Munna."
"Muu?" the confused Munna replies to my random call.
"Hahaha, I just recalled that I caught you last week. Not that it means anything much..." I deeply think about what am I going to do next.
"Shall we catch a new partner?" I ask all my Pokemon.
"Tree!" "Nya!" "Muu!" "Pichu!" All of them cry in agreement.
"All right! Let's go find our new friend!" I pick up my bag and my Pokemon stand beside me, ready for another adventure in this dark forest. We walk into the bush, towards the main path again, hoping to find a Pokemon in the way...
Official's Post:

Hey! Looks like you've found a shortcut! You travel through the bushes...

It's been hours since you've seen a dirt path. Looks like you're lost...

Lost. Add 6 hours to your travel time.
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