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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Wondering in Route 5

I figured my Pokemon were rested-- except Flaaffy, so I let a few out to accompany Cyndaquil and I.

"Murkrow, Lillipup, Skiploom, c'mon!" I toss the balls into the air, revealing my precious Pokemon.

"Murk! I finally got outta that dreadful imprisonment."

"WHAT YOU CAN TALK?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

"Duh. I can learn Psychic, and mock people's voices. Haven't you played G/S/C/HG/SS?"

"Yeah, but you're not supposed to mention those. That's in the real world, this is RP."

"Meh. They get the reference."

"Okay okay, back to the RP element. YOU CAN TAL- oh we've been through that. Anyways, why didn't you say something sooner?"

"That Minty chick was kinda weird. I'm glad you traded me. I didn;t feel comfortable talking with her."

"But you've been with me for days..."

"Yes, in that SPHERICAL IMPRISONMENT. You may know it as a Pokeball."

"Hey, other Pokemon like it ya know."

"Pfft, not me. And apparently not Cyndaquil either."

"Call him Volcano! And he'd be grateful to rest in one."

"If I'm on the verge of dying, I might consider. Anywho. Where are you headed?"

"To Route 6. I called Eti and he's camping out somewhere."

"Okay. I'm going to perch on your other shoulder. We can talk. You're not so bad I guess..."

"It means a lot...especially if that's the best compliment I could get out of a dark Pokemon."

"Meowth that's right!"

"That's not your catch phrase!"

"Oh right. Murk, Murkrow!"

We finally reach what seems like a camp, and low and behold, it's Eti!

"Eti! What's up?!" I scream.

"THIS is Eti? I guess I expected more..."

"Shut your beak! We started our adventure together."

"Yeah yeah. Murkrow or whatever."

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