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Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
We are already considered one of the greatest Pokemon sprite libraries.
Yet our forum is empty compared to smogon and serebii, look at smogon offering a whole strategy dex, out with the forums and their forums have the experts of competive battling, sections for even trolling team rates ect. and don't get me started on what serebii offers, a dex for all generations, pokemon of the week, first news coverage,trading card game, dex ani and game mechanics, the list goes on for serebii. With our active news feed we are talking steps in the right direction and our sprite resource as mentioned by ted is next to none, but we are so far behind the 2 main pokemon sites serebii and smogon.

We have devoted members or otherwise this place would be dead, I am still here despite my section the battling section is dead as a dodo, I think they would be happy to help if someone comes up with a decent idea.
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