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Default Re: Tears of the Prophesy

Hello! :D I finally got to readin' this last night! (Ah, but since it was last night I forgot where I found a typo xDDD SO I'll just offer some HEY AWESOME READ feedback xD)

Anyway, this is pretty interesting so far ^^ I certainly like the different take on SoulSilver you're taking so far, especially with the rival (Or I think Jayde's a rival?) But it seems like you're doing a bit too much skimming--then again, I'm not sure how much into detail most Storylockes go into. I can understand doing that with those annoying Wild Pokemon encounters (which I wonder if you could skip altogether in the story--I'm not sure yet, though, since I'm still experimenting with that in my Nuzlocke too xD), but I think I would have liked to see more detail in the battle versus Jayde. It certainly would have been interesting to read about how a water type took out a grass type (even though none of them actually know how to use elemental moves yet, lol). It would have given some oppurtunity to delve more into each character's personality. Jayde and her Chikorita seem interesting ^^

And personally, I don't mind having a person understand Pokemon in a story--it helps to bring out the Pokemon's character, I think--but I would like to see perhaps some explanation as to why she can hear them. Maybe just some background history or something we can find out later on that doesn't necessarily have much to do with the plot. We know why N can hear them, and it's mostly logical. It'd be cool to learn why Spinel can ^^

Also... I want to learn more about this Jasper guy ^^ He sounds like a sweetie, if he would have been willing to give up his Pokemon for Spinel :)

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