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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post

Anyway, I hope this post helped! :D I am confused on one thing. Scarlett said that she named it Hydra because she couldn't pronounce Hydreigon, but it sounded like she actually had it before it was a Hydregion? Or did I read that wrong? :o

Sabrina's in the story, yay! :D Hmm, and maybe Blaine will be coming soon as well? Sounds like that's where Blue's headed ^^ Lookin' forward to more! :D
It helped me out a lot, thank you! ^^

AHH the paragraph thing! I'll get better with that, I promise! xD You are right. She had it before it was a Hydreigon. (Deino) It evolved years ago when she was still pretty young. When she first got it, she would call the pokemon its normal name (Deino and Zwelious) but when it evolved to Hydreigon, she started calling it "Hydra" for short since she could not say "hydreigon" properly. Sorry for confusing you! ;w;

Next chapter will most likely come out sometime next week! Thank you again for reading and critiquing!
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