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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Looking for Aster

"That was kind of weird," Sarah mumbled to the sleeping Reni. "I wonder if I offended him somehow..." She grabbed Reni's Pokeball and returned the Sunkern. "You should be better in no time, take a good rest."

Sarah placed the photo of Elijah into her bag and then made her way back through the forest towards the path, keeping an eye out for Aster. It had been much longer than the fifteen minutes she had suggested, she hoped the little Bulbasaur hadn't gotten into any trouble.

Eventually she reached the path that was Route 3. "Aster?" she called, but her Pokemon was no where to be seen. She frowned slightly and checked her watch. "I know..."

Sarah grabbed Cenotaph's Pokeball off her belt and released the Roggenrola. Cenotaph hopped happily from one foot to the other and then looked up at its trainer, hoping for some food. "Not right now, Ceno," Sarah said. "Professor Cedar was studying the evolution of Pokemon's senses," she recalled. "She said that Roggenrola had a great sense of hearing. Could you listen out for anything? We need to find Aster." Sarah instructed.

"Rola!" Cenotaph cried and began to focus.

Sarah waited anxiously as her Roggenrola searched for any hint of Aster.
Official's Post:

You quite cleverly utilise your Roggenrola's natural abilities to look for your Bulbasaur. Cenotaph stays motionless for quite some time. Suddenly, he cheerfully hops from foot to foot and turns to you. It looks like he can hear something! He points his antennae towards the west - towards Route 4.

You mosey your way along the trail. Your anxiety for your missing friend grows erratically - did Cenotaph really hear anything? You're not too sure. The only things around you are trees, trees and more trees, with a random bush of berries here and there. You try everything to look for your starter, from calling his name repeatedly to checking behind every Arceus-forsaken tree you come across - sometimes you double check the plants because they look so similar! Nothing. Your Roggenrola nuzzles your leg to comfort you - the feeling of cold stone against your skin alleviates your panic a little bit. You close your eyes slightly, resting your mind. When you open them you see a familiar face in front of you. Aster? Your face reflects your happiness from finding your pal - you do not have mutual feelings with your partner, however.

The Bulbasaur stomps hastily towards your group. Brows furrowed, it begins to fire several leaves in your direction - you feel them cut painfully into your clothing, ripping several holes in them. What's going on? Aster appears to be enshrouded in an ominous blue hue.

Aster appeared!
~Behaving strangely. Using Razor Leaf.

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