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Default Re: Zenith Town

Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Shinx, Swiftwind
Loaction: Zenith Town - Pokemon Center

"Do one of my Pokemon really have Pokerus?!" Quinn exclaims. Let me back up. You see, Quinn saw his Pokemon weren't fighting fit, so he took them to the Pokemon Center. After healing, Nurse Joy said one of them had Pokerus. Everything sunshiney now?

"No," Nurse Joy says. "they're just really tired. Go to sleep. IT'S ONE IN THE F*#^&()@*$@(&%@--"

Sorry, we're having technical difficulties!

"It's one in the morning."

"'s not."

"What time are you running on?"


"That's the problem." You see, Quinn comes from Lentimas Town. He came to Celestia because of two things. 1) He hated how hot it was. 2) The League. Anyways, back to the story!

"What should I do now...?" Quinn askes himself. "I guess I should get a Snover Berry Smoothie."

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