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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Howdy hey, y'all!

So let me apologize for not updating more. Been enjoying my vacation and really I just haven't been wanting to play. But since I fly back home tomorrow I decided it might be a good idea to get one post out. After this I'll try to update more regularly, maybe once a week if not more. So then, since that's out of the way let us begin!

So we last left off with me saving right before the Castelia City Gym. Now, I kinda remember Burgh's gym from Black and White. I remember honey walls, which was not pleasant. So then let us walk through the door and see what changes have been made... What the heck is this? What happened?! This is nothing like the old gym!! It's completely different! I mean... Okay, calm down and let's figure this out. So we don't have honey walls to walk through, but cocoon things? Uh... Why am I not sure of this? Okay... let's walk in and see wha- What the heck was that?!

It was-

It just-

I don't even-

What the heck?! It makes no sense!! Gah!! *takes deep breath* Well, it is Pokémon after all. Not everything is supposed to make any sense. So then... Let me battle these Harlequins and work the maze and I'll get back to you when I'm at Burgh.

*short intermission*

OMG I do not want to see another Sewaddle. Ever! Too many of them! But at least Nisha got some good battle experience in. Hopefully she's close to evolving soon. Since she's a Woobat she evolves based on Happiness. Not sure where she stands with me... Probably should have gotten her a massage before she leveled up the first time in the gym. Anyway I'm typing this up without getting to Burgh yet and decided to get my Woobat a massage before I went any further. She learned Attract, so now let's see what happens while finishing up this strange maze...

Oh, well okay... That was the last one... And now I'm at Burgh... Just wow. It's... colorful!

Kailash: It's FABULOUS!!

Not now Kai! Get back in the PokéBall! *Glaceon returns to PokéBall* Anyway... Using a quick Potion on Nisha since she's leading the team and off we go to battle Burgh!

That was... Disappointing. Nisha, Fenris, and Ammy had no trouble whatsoever! Well... I actually had a bit of a scar. Leavanny's Cut did a lot of damage to Amaterasu. Luckily it went down after the second Ember. Otherwise I'd have had to switch out. What sucks more is that Nisha still hasn't evolved! *sigh* Anyway, quick run to the Center and then off to leave this city. Towards Route 4!

... Uh... Okay, not off to Route 4. This weird guy shows up... The same one from the sewer. Oh, I don't remember if I mentioned him before. But if you've played the game then you know about the weird guy. He... wants to battle me. I don't think I could say no. But he wants to battle me on Route 4... Great...

Bianca! I'm about to go to Route 4 and you come out of no where! And I thought I'd be able to not see her for a while yet... Oh! The Dowsing MCHN! Okay, not that annoyed now X3 Now can I go to Route 4? Please! I want a new Pokémon! And I want a Scraggy!

But first to battle this guy, I already forget his name... I hope I get good money out of it. I'm gonna lead with Felix. I haven't used him for a while... And that seems to have been a good idea X3 ... Dang it! Stupid Sturdy ability! That only made it possible to get Thunder Wave on my Victini! You jerk! *sigh* He has two freaking Pokémon! I'm gonna switch to Ammy now, since apparently Felix doesn't do that much damage against this one. Must have a very high Sp. Def... And that's that! Again I didn't catch his name since I was typing while he was talking... Colress! ... Weird name. I don't even know how to pronounce it. Anyway, he needs to stop talking to me so I can find a patch of sand for a new Pokémon... Sand! Now then to walk around and-

Wild Pokémon Appears!


And it has Intimidate... You gotta be kidding! I mean I knew the chances were slim to none on getting a Scraggy here, but really? A female Sandile?! I had a name already picked out if it was a male!! I would have called it Nimrod! *sigh* Anyway, caught it... Don't know what to name it... *staring at game, going to website I use for names, back to staring at game* ... *turns to IM chats I'm currently in while doing this, asks them for ideas* ... My gf is insane. She suggested Peach or Daisy... And I know where she got the names from... *goes back to name site* ... She shall be named Cary. The name means "dark one", and I feel like she is evil for showing up. I may trade her later for the forfeit rule... We'll see. Moving on!

And I think I'll cut it off here, guys. There's a lot to explore here, I bet. And I don't think I'll wanna type it up. I'll just want to get the exploring done and over with. That and I just want to get to the Resort place for another shot at finding Scraggy. Does the entrance and the Resort iteslf count as two separate areas, you think? I was having the same problem with figuring out if the Sewers were considered a part of the city or could be considered a new area... I'd like suggestions on this! Maybe next time I'll also give details as to Cary, since I'll probably go back to Castelia to heal X3 So that's if for now, y'all!

Until next time folks!
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