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Default Re: What Gaming System do you Use?

I have a polar white DS Lite. I love it so much! I don't like the original DS's so I never bought one. I also never saw the need for a DSi. I am planning to get a 3DS one day, once they release a main Pokemon game for it OR a really awesome Pokemon themed 3DS here. If I was going to get a non-Pokemon themed one, I would definitely want a white one. I don't like the black border around the top of the 3DS though. =\

I also own a Gameboy Color (Pokemon G/S edition), Gameboy Advance (Purple) Gameboy Advance SP (Silver), Nintendo 64 (Purple), Gamecube (Purple) and Wii (White). We also have a PS2 which belongs to everyone and my brothers have a PS3 and XBox360.
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