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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Found Aster!

Sarah tried to dodge the sharp leaves, the joy at finding her starter soon changed to fear. Cenotaph jumped in front of her, taking the Razor Leaf to protect his trainer.

"Ceno! No!" Sarah cried, knowing the attack was super effective.

"Rola!" Cenotaph cringed, but stood its ground.

"Aster! Stop! What's wrong?" Sarah cried, but the Bulbasaur seemingly ignored her, continuing his attack.

"We have no choice, Ceno," Sarah frowned, knowing the Roggenrola couldn't hold off for much longer. "Use Rock Blast!"

Ceno jumped into the air, and crashed back down. Rocks tore themselves from the earth and sped straight for Aster. They crashed into the Pokemon, sending a plume of dust into the air.

"Aster!" Sarah cried, running towards the dust.
Official's Post:

As a narrator of your journey, you often find the time to think about some things. For example, how will the player react to this? How should the player react to this? In this instance, the two questions had completely different answers.

So, you decide to brutally fend yourself against your own Bulbasaur with your Roggenrola. I must ask, what's wrong with your Poke Balls? No, better not return your Pokemon to its ball to stop it from rampaging. Let's just butcher it instead. Yep.

You run into the dust cloud, praying that Aster is okay. The dirt particles offend your eyes, but that's not what causes the tears to fall. Your Bulbasaur is motionless on the path beneath you. You kneel down to check that he is still breathing - to your relief, he is. You wonder what on earth could have possessed him to attack you so arbitrarily.

Once the dust has completely faded, you hear what appears to be a giggle. Startled, you look up. There you see the demon eyes of a wild Pokemon.

A wild Munna appeared!

It cackles at you for causing such mayhem - the laughter sounds more like disgruntled oinks. It must have used its psychic abilities to brainwash Aster!
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