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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Official's Post:

Hey! Looks like you've found a shortcut! You travel through the bushes...

It's been hours since you've seen a dirt path. Looks like you're lost...

Lost. Add 6 hours to your travel time.
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
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"Oh no! Where are we? Everywhere we go is always green!" I angrily kick a tree while uselessly complaining.
"Pichu..." Pichu weakly points at a tree and climbs it.
"Hey, smart idea Pichu! So, what do you see?" I look up in the top of the tree where a little patch of yellow fur contrasts with the surrounding green leaves.
Pichu climb back down into the soft grassy land and points at my old Rod with a hand and pointing at the North with the other. So Navi Town is there huh...
"All right guys, let's rest for awhile." I say to my tired Pokemon.
Treecko, Munna, Meowth and Pichu all immediately lie down beside a tree trunk and begin snoozing before I even put down my bag. I also sit down on a nearby patch of grass and look at their tired bodies before sleeping myself...
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