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Default Hello There!

Hey guys and girls!

Names Anth and I'm from Australia.
I was registered here years ago but forgot my login info so i decided to make a new account.
I'm fairly easy going, laid back person and always up to make new friends!

Random Info..............

I've played all the mainstream pokemon games. (RBY, GSC, RSE, DPPt, SS/HG, BW, BW2).

At the moment, my favorite type matchups are Grass, Bug, poison, Dark, Water, Dragon.

I have all 8 badges in B2 but am currently working on evolving every pokemon ive encountered/caught to fill my pokedex up as much as possible before i claim the national dex. (Less work afterwards.)

I only have 4 pokemon that use in my team at the moment. One of which will be replaced after E4.

-Eelektross (Replacing with Garchomp) - Post E4
-Spiritomb (Already done that annoying Yancy sidequest) Post E4
-Milotic Post E4

last of all.... still kinda working on preferred natures for the team.....minus Drapion, He's already got a good nature.

Well that's my intro rant over, hope to befriend you all eventually! :P
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