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Default Re: Project Gray [PG-13]

Originally Posted by TrickyWolfyx View Post
It helped me out a lot, thank you! ^^

AHH the paragraph thing! I'll get better with that, I promise! xD You are right. She had it before it was a Hydreigon. (Deino) It evolved years ago when she was still pretty young. When she first got it, she would call the pokemon its normal name (Deino and Zwelious) but when it evolved to Hydreigon, she started calling it "Hydra" for short since she could not say "hydreigon" properly. Sorry for confusing you! ;w;

Next chapter will most likely come out sometime next week! Thank you again for reading and critiquing!
Hey, no prob! :D

LoL, that's all right--if you have questions or need help with anything, feel free to ask! :D Ah, okay, that makes sense now ^^ That's actually amazing that she had a Hydreigon at such a young age :o Oh, but no worries! ^^ Glad you cleared that up for me ^^

And again, no problem! ^^ I'm excited to see stories popping up in the Creative Writing boards again, but it's sad to see no one comment on them. (yeah, it's been pretty quiet around here xD) I've personally felt guilty about not posting on some of them, but I had been pretty busy. But I'm really trying to get back into the habit of reading and critiquing, cuz it really helps motivate people, ya know? ^^ Anyways, keep up the good work! :D

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