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Default Re: Tears of the Prophesy

Originally Posted by CM View Post
[COLOR="Black"][FONT="Book Antiqua"][INDENT]Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, Char! It means a lot :3
Hey, no prob! :D I've been meaning to read this, and I'm glad I had the chance! :D I'm excited to see where this goes! ^^ *also needs to go read some certain little Short Stories~*

Originally Posted by CM View Post

I know I'm doing a lot of skipping in the beginning, but as things really get going I won't be skipping as much. But really, the journey to Mr Pokemon's House was not necessary for the story since you only see the guy once. With the battle again Jayde it would have just been Tackles and Scratches, which would not be fun at all to write. That was why it took so long to write this chapter. I just could not figure out a way to make Tackle vs Scratch exciting. But I will probably add more encounters with them outside of battle so I can show off their personalities, since I'm not following the game exactly. And on a side note, Ren had learned Water Gun at this point in the game if I remember correctly, but clearly Scratch was doing more damage.
Oh, I see. LoL, that's fair enough xD I'm finding that Nuzlocke's present a bit of a challenge when it comes to stories... Certain mechanics from the game HAVE to apply xD Hmm, you might have been able to skip the adventure to Mr. Pokemon's House altogether in that perspective, since it really doesn't have much to do with your story plot so far. But I will look forward to seeing more of the rival's personality, then ^^

Originally Posted by CM View Post

In this story I replaced Silver with Jayde and Jasper is replacing Ethan. Personally I think they're overused, and since I'm using my own universe they just wouldn't have fit in the story. So original characters were in order. And just a heads up for anyone reading, I will have one of my more... famous OCs make a cameo. Perhaps she'll help Spinel understand why she can understand Pokemon when almost everyone else cannot? I do have a reason as to why our protagonist can, but for now it shall remain a mystery >:3
Ah, gotcha ^^ LoL, I'm pretty sure I know who it is xD And ooooh... *plot thickens* Haha, I'm lookin' forward to that explanation, however distant it might be :D

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