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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
The issue is not cultural, unless you consider the psychological health of children a cultural issue. I have no problem with pedophiles unless they actively violate children. I should have clarified my previous statement further by including the fact that homosexual intercourse, when practiced between two consenting adults, is harmless and therefore should not be considered immoral.
It is cultural in a sense that there are cultures to which sexuality in children is permitted. There has been a multitude of Anthropological studies on African tribes to which this is in action. It'll be folly to state that there isn't a cultural issue to that.

However, I said "sociocultural issue". That is, there is a secondary component to it, the one that you are talking about there. It's not just a cultural issue, but also one that involves us as a society. This is where you have mental health of children to consider. If this isn't widely accepted, then how society has structured itself dictates how children would behave to a certain degree. In our society, it is much more likely that the children will be scarred and require psychological treatment.

Again, that's what I'm getting at: a genetic predisposition does nothing, since that would be thoughtpolicing. Acting upon a genetic predisposition is why we persecute pedophilia. We don't persecute homosexuality in the same way is not because of a genetic predisposition, but because homosexuality is by definition not unethical.
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