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Angry Re: Top 10 Best Pokemon-Make Your Own List!

My opinion- From my least favorite to my most favorite last starter evo's.


No offense to bulba ivy and venusaur lovers, but when I think of venusaur, I think of an extremely obese dinosaur, with a huge flower, which makes me think of a person who almost won homecoming queen, but lost, and let herself go.


Now Im not beating on the 1st gen starters, and if you think I am, you will be suprised with number 1. Blastoise looks awesome, like it crush a car like a can.
The thing is it's entire learnset. It is a bit dry.

13-Swampert (uh-oh, here come the fanboys and girls.)

I think Swampert is easily overrated for one reason; it's dual type water and ground type.
Sure, it may be a great dual type, but it makes grass types'eavily jobs so much easier.


Meganium is highly underrated. I loved it's beginning learnset, and I loved Bayleef.
Why am I loving a pokemon that is only 12th place? Because it is so underused and underrated!!!! Im a guy, and even I hear my friends saying Chikorita and Meganium are girl, and real guys dont choose it. Well, Iv'e chosen it before, and I liked it.
Everyone says with meganium, the story is so much harder. I heavily disagree.
In fact, the bosses were easier with bayleef and meganium, then with typhlosion and feraligatr. Boy, those gen 2 starters are really something!

11-Typhlosion (once again, fanboys.)

I like typhlosion alot, don't get me wrong, but I do think that it is very much overrated.
For a pokemon with only a few good moves in it's learnset, this pokemon gets alot of positive attention.


Sceptile is HUGELY underrated! People seem to always take Torchic or mudkip. But mostly Mudkip. Sceptile is actually one of the best grass types in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, without trading. It is the only pokemon in R/S/E to learn Leaf blade, which is awesome by itself, but also learns mega and giga drain fairly quickly.


Once again, underrated. Serperior is actually a very strong grass type pokemon, and can learn dragon tail, which is an awesome move, for a grass type.
Serperior is 9th place, but is a fairly good grass type pokemon for Black (2) and White (2) players.


Emboar is a little bit weak, but once it learns heat crash and flamethrower, you will have no problem with many pokemon. Emboar is a great starter. I have to say, I am extremely sick of the dual type fire/fighting starters, as I am going to burst, if there is one more.


Feraligatr is a very strong water type. It learns crunch, agility, hydro pump, and super power, which can make an excellent moveset.
Feraligatr is personally one of my classic favorites, since it was the first pokemon I chose in ole' silver.

6- samurott

I remember completely playing through White with my Samurott, Samurai.
I loved samurott soooooooooooooooo much, I decided to get another samurott, so samurai can have a kid.


Blaziken was the first fire/fighting type, and a good one at that.
Blaziken was BEAST against the first elite four members, which was very useful.
Blaziken is number 5, because it was awesome, but had a rough time with the last 3 gym leaders in hoenn.

4- Infernape

I don't really like infernape that much, but I have to say, it did exceedingly well against the gym leaders and elite four.


Torterra was my starter in Diamond. I was amazed that it was so strong.
What a great dual type mix! Grass and ground is awesome!

2- Empoleon

A water and steel type! Finally a starter that turns into a steel type! This is remarkable.
Empoleon's typage is not the only reason why I like it. It's moves are great. Too bad it only learns one steel type.

1- Charizard!!!!

My signature pokemon! When I first played Pokemon Red, I chose charmander, and I didn't regret it. Charizard is a unique fire flying type. Charmander also learns metal claw. (GEN III-GEN V)
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